Monday, August 13

Bennett Attempts To Clarify

In response to Aubrey McClendon's comments to an Oklahoma paper, Clay Bennett issued the following statement today:


"As the controlling owner, I admire my fellow owners and appreciate their support. While they are excited about the basketball operations and the future of the team on the court, they, like me, have been disheartened by the lack of progress we have made to secure a new arena for the Sonics and Storm. Aubrey expressed his personal thoughts and, in context of the story, was not speaking on behalf of the ownership group. It is my hope we will see a breakthrough in the next 60 days that will result in securing a new arena for the Soncis and Storm in the Greater Seattle area."


So, when McClendon said that "We didn't buy the team to keep it in Seattle; we hoped to come [to Oklahoma City]," he's completely on his own? He never had any conversation with Clay Bennett about that? Really?


Anonymous said...

Damage control!

Seriously, Bennett can't think that anyone will buy this. The truth that we all suspected -- they never intended to keep the Sonics in Seattle -- has finally been confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Haven't believed a word this guy has said since he bought the team.
Don't forget the real culprit here- Howard Schultz-- who sold Seattle's basketball team to out-of-state *ssholes who obviously never intended on keeping the Sonics in Seattle.
Thanks Howard.

Sonics Man said...

Interesting article from, Margarita Prentice did and interview with the Oklahoman newspaper (the on Clay’s wife owns) and said she see’s little hope that the Sonics will remain in Seattle!!