Wednesday, August 15

Wilkins Gives Back

What do Ludacris, Kevin Durant, and Ray Allen all have in common?

They're all going to be at a free hip hop concert in Atlanta, which will benefit the community and bring a positive focus. "The Ludacris & Friends, Strength in Numbers Concert" is also being done in association with The Damien Wilkins Foundation (ahh, the reader says, now it makes sense!).

Rashard Lewis will also make an appearance, and Danny Fortson is expected to be there as well, because, you know, they've always got free grub at these things. What Da Fort doesn't know is that he's going to have to pay to get in.

The event takes place on Sunday, September 2 in Atlanta. Other performers include Chingy, Ne-Yo, and Shareefa. Kenny G was invited but was unable to attend due to a bar mitzvah conflict.


Anonymous said...

LOL..the new round mound of rebound = Danny Fortson, "will travel for free food but not to play hoops.."

So glad he is no longer on Supes payroll, he has to be up there on our all time stiffs list : Calvin Booth, Jim McIlvaine, etc..

Anonymous said...

I was actually excited when they first picked him up. Aside from the fact that it meant we actually got someone to take calvin Booth (!), I liked his play, when he decided to do it. He was tough, he was defensive minded, and he liked to bang and grab rebounds. oops. I was willing to look past his spotty record with the refs, but unfortunately, I was proven wrong. bad attidtude, bad work ethic, eventually bad contract. oh well. you live and you learn