Thursday, August 2

Sonics News in August

Shockingly, there's actually something to read about today, as both the PI and TNT have news.

Gary Washburn reports that the Sonics will open on the road against the Nuggets, although the official schedule won't come out until later today.

[UPDATE: Here's the schedule. Hold onto your hats, the Sonics are playing on Christmas Day, against the Blazers!]

But the meaty story is from Eric Williams in the TNT, where Mayor Greg Nickels is talking about the Sonics kicking in $100 million towards either renovating Key Arena or building a new facility altogether.

“Our door is open [to Bennett and the Sonics],” Nickels is quoted as saying in Williams' story. “It will be open today. It will be open tomorrow. It will be open Oct. 31.”

The key person in the story is state auditor Brian Sonntag, who is looking to act as mediator between the city and Bennett's ownership group. Sonntag - unlike most of the folks involved in this situation - doesn't seem to care how the arena kerfuffle gets settled, so as long as it gets settled with the Sonics still settled in Seattle.

My only quibble with the $100 million is whether that comes from arena naming rights, or from Bennett's pocket. If Bennett's $100 million comes from selling the rights to the name of the building, then I'm less than impressed.


Williams also reports that Jeff Green has been added to the practice squad for the Olympic team, joining Nick Collison and Kevin Durant, and that PJ Carlesimo will join the coaching staff.


Anonymous said...

From the looks of it the Sonics will be on national tv at least 8 times next year. Which is an improvement over last year's total of 2 (I'm being sarcastic; I'm sure we were on at least 3 times last year!).

The Sonics also play quite a few Sunday games in the spring (Lakers, Nuggest, among others) that could turn into ABC games if Durant is as advertised.

Anonymous said...

Not sure which one is correct:

The site says the Sonics play the Nuggets in Seattle in the Oct. 31 game.

The sonics site says the Sonics play the Nuggets in Denver in the Oct. 31 game.

Maybe it's a double-header!

Anonymous said...

actually both sites have that game in denver. anybody planning on making a trip to the rose garden on christmas day?

Anonymous said...

Somebody else on the site must have noticed the mistake. As I always say, trust Gary Washburn.

mcwalter44 said...


Great work on the website. Thanks for the informative post. I can't wait for the season to start. Seeing as I'm down in Bay Area and GSW season ticket holder it's nice to see the Sonics end their season in Oakland. And I'm equally surprised that they have so many nationally televised games.

Keep up the great work

mcwalter44 said...

ESPN says that game is at Denver, so I'm guess the front page of was just typo. Anyways, that would be great game to go to. I've been to the Pepsi center for a Pearl Jam concert and it's a absolutely huge arena and their fans aren't rabid about their team, so it should be some what easier to get tickets (though it's sit opening day).

But, I'm not going to travel to that game, instead I'm going to catch Durant's first pre-season game in Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

That 7 game road swing at the beginning of March should be fun, we all know how well the Sonics are as a road team. Atleast Detroit is the only one who had a winning record last year.

Anonymous said...

seattle P.I. reported that bennett today shot down nickels offer of renovating key arena, and that he is set on having a new arena built. is it just me or does it seem like he is acting like a two year old? "I dont want that! I want this! waaa! I'm gonna leave! waaa!" -seattleson

jason said...

Nickels mentioned the possibility of a new arena in his quote and Bennett completely ignored it while only focusing the key arena portion of the statement. Clay Bennett has no intention of doing anything but moving this team out of town.