Thursday, August 2

Clay Bennett Is Not Amused

From Mike Seely of Seattle Weekly, in his Buzzer Beater blog, which any self-respecting Seattle sports fan reads with the avidity of George Hamilton scanning the UV index, comes a message from Clay Bennett.

The press release is apparently in response to Mayor Nickels' comments to the TNT and other local papers that the city is interested in sweetening the Key Arena pie in such a manner that the much-maligned building becomes suitable to Bennett & Co. To wit:

“In issuing our call to action last month, we were hopeful the Mayor would use his regional leadership platform to rally support for a solution. Instead he focused on old unworkable concepts that are not acceptable. It is clear that if all we have to discuss is the renovation of KeyArena, then a meeting with the Mayor will not be productive or necessary."

Consider the sabres rattled.


Anonymous said...

It's in the PI too:

Anonymous said...

Nickels: “If the Sonics were willing to put $100 million dollars into a new arena, or if they’d be willing to invest that in KeyArena, I think we could come up with some public resources to match that and to make it a long-term home for the Sonics,”

Bennett: “It is clear that if all we have to discuss is the renovation of KeyArena, then a meeting with the Mayor will not be productive or necessary.”

Me: Clay Bennett can't read

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Clay bennet would give me a dirty sanchez?

Anonymous said...

“If the Sonics " were " willing to put $100 million dollars into a new arena ............ "

They " were " willing but the legislature was not willing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: where did you see that they (the current Sonics ownership) was willing to put $100 million into a new arena?


Anonymous said...

About 4 comments above, in Carls comment.

The Mayor was referring to Bennett's proposal he took to the state legislature last February.

Anonymous said...

Clay Bennett is such a _______. he's saying all the 'right' things just so he can claim to have given us a chance. I really dont like him. really REALLY dont like him

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the Sonics did indicate they were willing to put $100 mil. towards a new stadium while they were meeting with the legislature earlier this year. That $100 was part of a $200 mil package with the City of Renton. It was always assumed, though (at least by me), that the $100 mil. they referred to would come from naming rights, meaning it wouldn't actually be coming from the Sonics.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the $200,000 mattress this morning. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Boston didn't get Durant in the lottery. I'm ashamed to have a talent like Kevin (or Jeff Green for that matter) come into the league with this environment Bennett is creating. How can we as fans even support this team? It's like dating a girl while she is flirting away on I'm caring less and less every day.

Anonymous said...

Bennett didn't say anything new. He's always said that the Key was not an option. The mayor said that if the Sonics put up 100 mil, that the City would match that. Does that sound like what Clay's been asking for for the past year? no.

Personally I think it's the mayor who's trying to come out clean by making it look like he really made an effort to keep the team. He knows that Bennett won't bite on that offer.

I'm not saying Bennett isn't a dick, but I don't think yesterday's cat fight changed anything one way or another. And Nichols is a sweaty, fat dick too, BTW.

- Balloholic

Anonymous said...

I agree, Ballo, nothing's changed. If anything, Nichols is just posturing to show he'll be a tough negotiator when they finally do sit down to talk about a buyout at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Bennett is just being a stubborn dick! He just wants to take the team to OKC and thats it! if he didnt he would be working harder to keep the team here, instead of working so hard to say "Thats not acceptable." if the money was an issue he already was offered a buy out by a real estate guy who wanted to keep the sonics here. its so blatant he just wants out of our city! - seattleson

Anonymous said...

Dude, thebigo, it's hard for anyone to ever take you seriously around here. Whether it's the asinine comments regarding basketball related topics or the ironically ethnocentric diatribes concerning the ostensible racism that you conjure up within your bigoted mind, the moronically narrow-minded blather that you perpetually spew is complete and utter rubbish.

Anyway, from my recollection, you invidiously jacked my handle a long time ago when I posted regularly at SupersonicSoul; thus, I expect that you're the one who's recently done it during the past few days. In this case, the lame and unsubtle sexual references makes it easy to point the blame in your direction.

If that assumption is wrong, then my apology goes out to you. I highly doubt that I'm wrong about it, though.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Seattle Supersonics future in the Pacific Northwest, I recently explained that "[t]here are two options here."

The first option would be that "[t]he Washington State Legislature completely funds the building of a $500,000,000 state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility (i.e., the King County Events Center) somewhere in the Puget Sound, which would thereby allow The Professional Basketball Club, LLC to flip the Seattle Supersonics for a huge profit to a local buyer (e.g., Steve Ballmer, Kemper Freeman, Jr., et al.)."

The second option would be that "[t]he Professional Basketball Club, LLC relocates the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; consequently, Clayton Bennett becomes a renowned civic leader -- as well as somewhat of a philanthropist -- within his hometown community."

In this instance, there's little to no middle ground—which flat-out sucks for us fans and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

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