Friday, August 17

Jeff Green Speaks

USA has a brief Q&A with Sonic rookie Jeff Green on their site. It's the typical, not-much-information piece you might expect, but there was one interesting quote:

"On Seattle’s summer league team it was just Kevin (Durant) and me. The other guys were rotating and trying to make a squad."

Paging Mr. Mickael Gelabale or Mr. Johan Petro, Mr. Mickael Gelabale or Mr. Johan Petro, please answer the white courtesy phone ...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, OT. Been scoping out Delonte West vids on YouTube. I love this guy already.

Anonymous said...

Here's your site, then.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to thread jack but i've got the biggest story in the history of sports. Donaghy has said that as part of his plea bargain he will name up to 20, yes 20 other referees' that are and were involved in this gambling scandal. Gentlemen this may shut down the NBA. THIS MAY SHUT DOWN THE NBA!!!! FUUUUUUUCK!!!!! Odds on how long this fuckin clown is gonna live? I guess in light of what's happening I shouldn't really be talking about gambling right now huh?

Anonymous said...

Approximately two weeks ago, I wrote that "Delonte West isn't a point guard, but rather a wing player. Last season, West (Assists To Turnover Ratio: 2.17; Assists Per 48 Minutes: 6.6; Passing Rating: 7.4; Hands Rating: 16.4) was an overall worse playmaker than true point guards like Ridnour (Assists To Turnover Ratio: 2.36; Assists Per 48 Minutes: 8.4; Passing Rating: 10.3; Hands Rating: 21.2) and Watson (Assists To Turnover Ratio: 2.62; Assists Per 48 Minutes: 9.7; Passing Rating: 12.6; Hands Rating: 24.3)."

"Furthermore," I continued, "West isn't just a mediocre ball-handler, but he's also an overrated defender (Opponents' Points Per 100 Possessions: 109.9; Opponents' Net Points Per 100 Possessions: +3.0; Effective Field-Goal Percentage Allowed: 50.5%) and just an okay player on offense (Effective Field-Goal Percentage: 47.6%; Effective Jump Shot Field-Goal Percentage: 42.2%). Lastly, West drew a foul on just 8.9% of his field-goal attempts -- which means that he'll never fill the shoes of Antonio Daniels, who drew a foul on 21.7% of his field-goal attempts -- so don't expect him to constantly drive to the basket."

All things considered, West should be the backup shooting guard—and that's it!

Anonymous said...


Well at least then ak1984 can shut the fuck up with all of his/her dumbass posts.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember, West's numbers were vastly better at off guard than at the point, and that's where I thought he should be playing the majority of his minutes this season. Depending on how things go during the pre-season, I would expect him to average between 20 and 30 minutes a night, depending on 1) Szczerbiak's health and 2) Durant's development at the 2. If KD proves he can handle guarding opposing 2 guards without getting abused too badly, and neither Watson nor Ridnour get dealt, then I think West's minutes will likely be closer to 20 than to 30. I think his defense at the 2 will be very good, and certainly an improvement over Ray Allen's.

I think a lineup of Watson, West, Green, Collison and Thomas would be one of the better defensive lineups in the league. Unfortunately, they'd probably average about 70 ppg with a 35% FG%.

Anonymous said...

"Well at least then ak1984 can shut the fuck up with all of his/her dumbass posts."

If you want to refute my posts with some cogent points, then go for it. Hell, I won't hate on you.

Yet, in light of those comments, you're apparently a blathering moron who can't form a coherent argument.

Oh well, that's your problem.

P.S.: I'm a guy.

Anonymous said...

"P.S.: I'm a guy."


Anonymous said...

I don't care what Seattle's record was last year--I loved every damn game. Except for the last 30 or so. Seriously, I'm sick and tired of hearing about Ray's sorry defense. I don't care! There's no "D" in basketball. So many games were |-> <-| close. [that was my two fingers held together]. His outside J was sweet as the cooper orange ale growler I'm drinking right now--thanks McMinimums. Did you know you can get their beer to go? Anyway, the team had a lot of potential. Switching up the lineup every other game really wasn't smart. Injuries. And they should have been fast-breakin' every time down the court--everybody was fast. But what I kept thinking about, was, how much does the new ownership (yapping about moving the team) really impact the morale? I think a lot. There were so man times when the intensity wasn't there. Stupid turnovers. Damn, I'm going to miss those long Allen bombers. Snap! So sweet. I threw down hard-earned ticket doug to see those. Winning was a bonus. I guess I need some time with Durant and Green to soothe my sorrows. And more McMinimums. It's a really great place to go for pre-games. Wow, it's really nice in Seattle right now. Cheers.

haizman_brain said...

I'm an AK1984 fan because at least he puts some thought into his posts.

If I think his reasoning is flawed and wrong, I'll tell myself "what an idiotic post". Why waste time trying to berate him anonymously just to get a rise?

We are all just a bunch of amateur GM's with no inter knowledge of how shitte really works. So FU to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Orange ale growler? What the hell? I guess i'd try anything McMinimums put out. Sounds like you had a nice Friday afternoon glow.

Nice Sleestak head, H-brain! Did you hear that Will Ferrell was signed on to do the big screen remake of Land of the Lost?