Wednesday, January 30

14? A Distant Memory

Unbelievable. Well, considering the Spurs were A) without Tony Parker and B) coming off a 2-game losing streak, perhaps a little more believable, but still, who among you expected a Sonic win last night?

crickets chirping

That's what I thought. Some crazy stats from the win over San Antonio, including some gruesome shooting numbers from point guards.

Some other nuggets to chew on:

- The Spurs are 9-9 this year when one of their Big 3 is injured
- S.A. is 11-13 in its past 24 games
- Earl Watson was 0 for 8
- Jeff Green managed 1 assist, 0 rebounds, 0 points, 4 missed shots, and 1 foul in 20 minutes
- Seattle committed 6 turnovers. 6!

Well, in a year full of horrible news and horrible games, last night was a bright spot for sure. Durant hits a game-winning shot, Tim Duncan is miserable, Tony Parker doesn't play ... hey, what's not to like!


Anonymous said...

Hey a wins a win and a win against the defending champs builds confidence for a young developing team. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone for brighter days ahead. I like seeing Durant fill out the box score a little more instead of just points.

Anonymous said...

i can honestly say i guaranteed a victory last night.

of course i've been guaranteeing a victory for every game i've gone to this season (6 so far) and this is the 1st win i've seen.

so glad they were able to get the W though

Anonymous said...

Even more startling and infuriating (despite the fantastic win) than Earl Watson going 0-8 was that Ridnour, Watson, and West combined to go 1-18. Can we please get a competent PG (or a coach that knows how to get production out of a PG)?

Anonymous said...

in a regards to a competent PG, if we are able to pick up derrick rose in the off-season (a very stong possiblity) and with all the experience durant and green are getting this year, the up and coming years are coming very promising. I'm more concerned about a stronger big man promise than I am with our PGs'.

Anonymous said...

west didnt play PG, he played SG. also he hasnt played in 7 games & does not see the rotation in practice. what do you expect from him. the coaches are using him as a last resort and he knows it. instead of going out and just playing they now having him 2nd guessing himself. give the guy a break.

Anonymous said...

It's terrible what they have done to delonte...he should be the starting pg on this team, everytime he comes into the game he makes plays and the entire tempo of the team raises I don't get why he isn't getting more minutes at the pg position

Anonymous said...

Totally agree - Delonte is getting screwed this year. I think if RIdnour's contract was more conducive to a trade he'd be long gone by now. Because he's a BYC player, though, they can't trade him. Still can't figure out why they haven't dealt Watson, though, unless they're waiting to package him at the trade deadline with Kurt Thomas or something like that.

Free Delonte!

Anonymous said...

Ummm I got a question. Did anybody find Earl Watson's comments about Durant being a ballhog funny (in Allen's column)?

"I know Kevin is excited, but in all due respect, he's a kid," Watson said. "This wasn't a championship. We knew we could do this. We've always been able to do this. It was just a matter of putting a game together and being focused."

That's funny from a guy who played worse than my grandmother in an old timer's pick up game.

He was 0-8. 2-2 from the line (his only 2 points) 1 board 4 dimes 2 steals 2 PF's and a turnover. What a wonderful contribution from a guy who's getting 25-30 mins a night.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Ridnour. Is he really a BYC player?