Thursday, January 17

Hornets whip Sonics, then support them. Sort of.

"Listen, you fool! We're trying to LOSE games! Don't you understand?"

After the WhatCityDoWePlayInAgain? Hornets beat the crap out of our Seattle Supersonics last night, their owner weighed in on the whole "destroying the hopes and dreams of basketball fans" deal:
“I think it’s a great market,” Shinn said of the Sonics, whose ownership group filed an application with the NBA to relocate the franchise to Oklahoma City. “I don’t know the circumstances. I’ve been in the arena, but it’s had to have been years ago.

“I just would hope that a team could stay in Seattle. I think it’s a good market. And being an owner, I’d hate to lose that market. But that’s a decision to be made by whoever is affected. I’ll have one vote if it ever comes to that, and we’ll usually follow the lead of the commissioner.”

Read the rest in the News Tribune
Well, it sounded pretty supportive until that "follow the lead of the commissioner" line. That's democracy in action, folks! Why even bother having a "vote", if you just parrot whatever crap that spews from Stern's mouth?

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