Wednesday, January 16

Sonics do the right thing

The P.I.'s Gary Washburn writes about the Sonics helping out folks in tent city in New Orleans (via Seattlest):
A city that's nearing Mardi Gras and just weeks from hosting the NBA All-Star Game still has major, bleeding and exposed wounds from Katrina, and Tent City is one of them. Two homeless men from Tent City point out an abandoned hotel just across Canal Street that could house the disadvantaged with plenty of space to spare. A state that has set aside $6 million for the New Orleans Hornets practice facility is uncertain what to do with its homeless issue.

"When Mardi Gras comes, they want us out of here," said Luther Davis, 55, who shook hands with several Sonics. "They don't know what to do with us, and the rent is so high here that we can't afford it. So we're here."

But their gratitude toward the Sonics was apparent. The players and coaches lined up outside the bus, each with a food item. Assistant coach Ralph Lewis had sandwiches. Delonte West had dinners in a Styrofoam container. Durant had rolls.

"Man, this is great," Davis said. "The Hornets don't even come over here. Seattle is going to be my favorite team now. Nobody comes over here to help us. And this was one of those days where people were hungry, so we needed this."

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We here at Supersonicsoul heap a lot of abuse on the current owners of the Sonics, but this story is a reminder of why we still love the team.

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Anonymous said...

A very nice gesture by the team. The fact that the whole team went was great when the NBA only asks that a couple players go. The whole squad stepped up. The guy from NO that said "not even the Hornets do this" summed it all up. Way to go Sonics!!