Tuesday, January 15

More Secret Sonics Stuff

Now this is just getting silly (via SonicsCentral):
On the surface, it appeared Seattle leaders and the NBA hadn't even been trying to make peace with regard to the Sonics' lease at KeyArena.

With the city suing team owner Clay Bennett to stop him from breaking the lease and moving to Oklahoma, the past several months have been marked by a public war of rhetoric.

But now it turns out Seattle officials have made at least one effort to smooth relations: In mid-October, they made a secret trip to meet with NBA executives.

(Read the rest in the Seattle Times)
After yesterday's news (or non-news as it may turn out), it's hard to figure out fact from fiction in this saga.

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Eric Reynolds said...

It sure would be nice to be able to look forward to next year's draft without fear of watching whomever gets drafted play in Okie-town. Because that lottery is lookin' pretty sweet right now.