Friday, January 25


It's not every day that two headlines - run the same day - give two completely opposite impressions about the same situation. But then, this is the Sonics, in a year in which we are fully expecting James Cameron to be brought on board to help them further explore the depths of the NBA. ("Look, over there, off the starboard side, I think I can see the remains of Joe Barry Carroll! And isn't that a 1981 Cavaliers jersey over there?")

But back to where I began. Here is the headline from today's PI, story courtesy of Gary Washburn:

Sonics' Watson stays positive despite losses, unsure future

And, from the TNT, this time from Eric Williams:

Watson’s frustration surfaces amid skid

In Williams' story, it is revealed that Watson was irked about riding the pines down the stretch of the past two games, to the point where Sam Presti had a conversation with him about said subject. Don't misread the headline, though, Watson didn't come out and demand a trade, he only expressed dissatisfaction with the team's season and his lack of interest in rebuilding seasons. We hear you, big guy.

Likewise, Washburn relays how Watson has decided to bite his tongue and not voice his displeasure with the ongoing minutes situation between himself and Luke Ridnour.

The upshot of all of this? The two stories are basically the same, with just slightly more information in one than the other, meaning, as always, that readers should always remember that the fellow who wrote the story isn't the fellow who put the headline on it.


Anonymous said...

Too bad there weren't any quotes from that bastard Presti. I'm glad the players are finally speaking up about the tank job. Will attendance for tonight's game against the Hawks crack 10K?

Anonymous said...

they are ot tanking. they just are NOT very good.