Thursday, January 31

Minimum Wages

From Wages of Wins, here are the total Wins Produced (WP) for the Sonics’ roster thus far this season.

Player, overall NBA rank, WP, WP/48 min.

Kurt Thomas (38), 5.0, .302
Nick Collison (48), 4.4, .201
Chris Wilcox (129), 2.0, .097
Earl Watson (144), 1.5, .066
Wally Szczerbiak (161), 1.1, .055
Delonte West (263), 0.1, .004
Luke Ridnour (325), -0.2, -.019
Johan Petro (355), -0.3, -.036
Robert Swift (383), -0.4, -.250
Damien Wilkins (386), -0.4, -.020
Mickael Gelabale (395), -0.5, -.127
Kevin Durant (424), -1.0, -.037
Jeff Green (442), -2.1, -.100

Out of 446 players, Jeff Green ranked 442nd. Of the bottom five players, three are from Europe (Bargnani, Nachbar, Pavlovic) and two attended prestigious American universities (Green/Georgetown and Jason Collins/Stanford). The moral? Don’t bother saving your pennies for putting your kid into a private university or sending him to Europe!


Anonymous said...

43 - Ronnie Brewer
45 - Rajon Rondo
null - Saer Sene

Anonymous said...

I don't buy this article.

dunces said...

berri's numbers are interesting, but hardly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I find Berri's stuff to be too convenient at times, in that I get the feeling the numbers get plugged in, then he fiddles with his 'wins produced' formula until it comes up with something he likes.

Still, I found it interesting to see Durant and Green rated so low.

Unknown said...

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