Monday, January 7

Sonics: Just. Painful.

Seattle SuperSonics' rookie Kevin Durant drives past Washington Wizards' DeShawn Stevenson during the first half of their NBA basketball game, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, in Washington. The Wizards won ,108-86. <br />(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
The Sonics are making it very difficult for me to keep my New Year's Resolutions:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Washington Wizards had just won their second straight game by more than 20 points, but coach Eddie Jordan wasn't happy.

At halftime of Washington's 108-86 victory over the Seattle SuperSonics on Sunday, Jordan lectured the team.

"We're not that good," Jordan told them.

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Not that good? What does that make us? Wait, don't answer that.

After seeing a game like this, it makes you wonder: are the Sonics even trying? Do they have their eyes on the lottery already or, worse, on the moving vans? Is it any wonder the enthusiasm for basketball in this town ranks somewhere between George W. Bush and E. Coli? Sigh.

In other depressing news, I entered one of those cheesy online comedy competitions. If you have some free time, please stop by and vote for me. I need all the help I can get.


Anonymous said...

If blogging about the game to game performances becomes too painful, how about just giving us a "Sonics Suck Joke of the Day"? That's at least one way we could get some sort of enjoyment out of this season.

Paul said...

That's a good suggestion #12. Like many tragic events (natural disasters, the 2004 Election, etc) sometimes things are just too damn depressing to joke about. For the sake of my fellow Sonics fans, though, I promise I will try to dig something out of the Comedy Vault.

Zach said...

Paul, here's what I don't understand...did you really expect this year's team to be any good? Setting aside what the motivation for breaking the team apart was, it happened. Wins this year are only useful as teaching tools, because otherwise the best possible thing for the long-term future of the franchise is to get another high draft pick so we can add a legit PG or big man in the 08 draft.

Anonymous said...

Great show man hahaha,
maybe we all should fly to Jupiter,
they probably ball harder:)

Paul said...

If we had local owners, I would be a lot more understanding of the "lose to win" mentality. When you've got a scum-bag like Bennett with his moving vans backed up to Key Arena, it looks like a deliberate tank-job to dampen support for the team, thus easing the impact of him stealing the team.

Anonymous said...

It's the perfect no-lose scenario for Bastard Bennett. It's both a deliberate tank job to kill fan support while also accomplishing the task of amassing a plethora of top ranked young talent by the time he rolls into OK City in less than three years.

Unknown said...
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Zach said...

But like I said, ignore the motive for a's still the right thing for the future of the franchise. I personally don't think keeping the Ray/Rashard duo around would have meant a whole lot of difference in keeping the team, and it would have merely prolonged the mediocrity of the franchise on the court. Sure, it's slimy, but it's also the right move, and if the team does stay we'll all be thankful that this year's squad was so craptacular.

Sonics Man said...

The Hornets can leave New Orleans after the 2009 Season if their attendance does not average 14,735.