Thursday, January 24

A Dirty Dozen

The only feeling more painful than enduring a 12-game losing streak, is enduring a 12-game losing streak wherein the 12th loss came when your team had a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter.


If Norman Vincent Peale were to review last night's loss to the Rockets, he would point to how the Sonics shot 52% from the floor, only committed nine turnovers, and basically showed they were as good as the Rockets, one of the better teams in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately, there are no moral victories in the newspaper agate, only carved in stone wins and losses. If Kevin Durant sinks the 3 at the end rather than sending it off the back iron, if the Sonics manage to keep the Rockets from going on an 18-4 run to close out the game, hey, we're not talking about any of this, now are we?

Sadly, it all happened, and now the Sonics are one game away from tying the longest losing streak in club history, and, thankfully, with the Hawks and Kings the next two opponents - at home - there is a good chance they'll keep it from happening.


Anonymous said...

I hope you knocked on wood after typing the last sentence!!

Did you see the truehoop entry on Durant?
The scariest part of all is, Glenn Robinson's rookie #s are signicantly better than Durant's in almost every category...

Glenn's rookie #s below. 21.9ppg
(That's one hell of a rookie campaign!)

Anonymous said...

Of course, Durant is 19 years old in his rookie year, while the Big Dog was 22. In other words, it might be better to compare Durant's 3rd season to Robinson's first, since he won't be 22 until three years from now.

Hey, I've slagged KD as much as anyone, but let's all relax here. We've got one of the most uniquely talented athletes in NBA history playing for us. I'll start worrying if it's year 3 and we're still talking about this.

Anonymous said...

The Sonics were delayed returning home from a four-game trip Monday. There was a plane malfunction that wasn't discovered until mid-flight, causing the team to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City.

Chris Wilcox said the team was due to arrive in Seattle at 8 p.m. and didn't officially land until 1:30 a.m.

"It was a very long day," the Sonics forward said.


what a lucky coincidence don't you think?

Vishal said...

Earl Watson is headlining's front page at the moment. The rumors page starts off with several blurbs about the Sonics too:

Alfred said...

12 in a row, damn, I knew sea-town was strugglin but didn't krealize it was that hectic... at least the future looks bright, durant and green developin, collison lookin solid... wilcox, uh, percolatin on "steady" (as a clipper fan, I feel your pain, he's almost like a tim thomas type.. "ah, what he COULD do..." anyway, sorry about the bad spell... keep the faith...