Monday, January 14

Top secret Sonics deal in works?

Mayor-Wan, you're our only hope!

Several sources close to the situation (who, for some reason, felt they could confide in Supersonicsoul, aka Queen Blabbermouth) have claimed that the city may be soon unleashing a new plan to save our Sonics. What could the Council of Doom Boom have in mind? Tax breaks for a new arena? A supergroup of local millionaires to make Clay an offer he can't refuse? Did they hire Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law?

(You have to wonder if the recently announced Hornets deal might be triggering some panic in the current ownership group--maybe Oklahoma doesn't look like such a safe bet after all.)

According to my Deep Throats, the announcement could come as early as tomorrow. All right, Supersonicsouliacs, let the wild speculations start . . . now.


Sonics Man said...

This would be great news if it is true. We will see what happens!! GO SONICS!

Mr Baker said...

My concern is Sonicsman's happiness, so, I hope a plan shows up soon.
The state gov goes into session in less than an hour, so, not much can be done there.
I would like to know what Dino Rossi would do to help keep the Sonics. Right now spending a dime is unlikely without the Dems seeing the Repubs make a move to spend on something, so, pressure Rossi.
Pete VonSonicssavior King County Council do-gooder is working on this, but he needs public talk from Rossi.

Unknown said...

I think the picture says it all. Bennett has finally found a bigger venue for the Sonics to use... Mayor Nickel's ginormous jowls.

Mr Baker said...

that's Mayor McCheese to you noodles
come on Cheese, I'm pulling for you!

Anonymous said...

Just when I was starting to give up hope and buy a Brandon Roy Jersey this happens! woo hoo! can't wait to find out whats going on

Anonymous said...

haha so funny the pic of the owners.

Paul said...

Seattle City Council: **crickets**

Mike Barer said...

I was not that happy to see the Storm sold. I think it fractured the ranks.