Monday, January 21

Wally to the Rescue

Not sure if anyone else caught this (from Jayda Evans' blog at the Times):

When the idea [of talking to the Daily Oklahoman] was explained to him, he gave a crazy look and a firm "No" to the interview request. Szczerbiak also declined to speak to locals following the game, however, stating he didn't want to say anything that would get him "fined or suspended."

(Read the rest here)

So, there are two ways to look at it. One, Wally S. thought the idea of talking to the Oklahoman (the piece was to be a 'Here are the Sonics!'-type deal) was wrong, and he said no. Or, he was primed to make some nasty comments about the way the team is being run (either on-court or in the owners' box) and decided to keep his mouth shut.

Either way, doesn't it make you like Wally Szczerbiak just a little bit more?


Anonymous said...

Glad someone else caught that. I've followed Wally since high school (yes, it's why I'm being all Sonic-y this year), and I can tell you, the dude always plays hard, all the time--I think he must pick himself on all his fantasy teams.

That being said, the way PJ's run this team this year (from sets to rotation minutes), I think this might go back to a slightly older article, where the Sonics were, in print, frustratingly questioning their limited amount of offensive sets--to the point that players, like Wally, were quoted saying stuff like, "yeah, that's on the coaches, we need to run more stuff, because the other team knows all our plays and calls, and that's why our halfcourt offense blows."

Wonder if that had anything to do with this? Think there were fines there? There was obviously either a hint of a fine or a fine in the past regarding something--either talking about OK City or the coaches--and that generated this quote/reaction.

But I think that if we see a few more losses in this sterak, you'll see stuff like this boiling over.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins...

Anonymous said...

Good call. Can't imagine that will be the lst time we hear about complaints about minutes for the rest of year. The next month should be tough on the roster, because trade rumors are going to swirl around this team like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

Actually it makes me dislike him. He should be sucking up to the Daily Oklahoman because those fans will be paying his salary soon enough.

Lord knows there's no real basketball fans in Seattle to do so, he needs to get that through his thick skull.

Oh, and btw, your city sucks. Can't wait for you tards to shut this blog down once the Sonics become Okies.


Anonymous said...

(Resisting urge).

Anonymous said...

Nuss since your going to be mature about this, then I will say it. Do you okies not realize how pathetic and immature you sound posting on our sites and talking so much crap! At least us seattleites have enough class to stay civil about this whole thing! But you guys keep reinforcing all the classic okie stereotypes! -seattleson

Anonymous said...

Class in Oklahoma? Interesting concept...

But, alas, class tends to start at the top and work its way down. Thus far, all I've seen from the "top class" citizens of Oklahoma are right wing movements to restrict other american's rights and duplicitous lying out of the side of ones mouth. Boy, I sure love hypocrisy.

Your city sucks. Your state sucks. It is a place people only move to if their car breaks down while driving from coast to coast.

Anonymous said...

Jackson, when has one good word ever been said about Oklahoma? Apparently not often enough for any professional sports teams to have moved there previously. While I feel sympathy for your dull State, I can't think of a single thing that warrants our team moving to your neck of the woods. We are crazy about our Sonics, and most of us would like to see Clay Bennett hung publicly. So get off of our forum, because you're not getting our Sonics.

By the way, most people seem to consider our city as one of the most beautiful in the country. I haven't heard anything like that said about yours. And isn't an Okie something that Californians like to spit on and Texans like to eat for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma sucks, that's probably why Wally doesn't want to talk about it. You think anyone on the Sonics wants to leave the beautiful city of Seattle and go live in Oklahoma City? And if Clay Bennett is any indication of the character of the people there, I'm sure the players aren't real excited about dealing with a bunch of idiots once they get there either.

Anonymous said...

I find it thrilling that the cities of seattle and oklahoma city are battling. BTW thanks for Ray Allen, he is the difference maker for the celts this year. I'm sure when wally & delonte are playing for some other teams next year that trade will sting but until then....

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