Thursday, January 31

Bennett Now Begging For OK Cash

Not satisfied with extorting money out of the pockets of Washingtonians, Clay Bennett has now shifted his attention to the good people of Oklahoma.

According to the AP, at a sports business conference (theme: "Finding Effective Ways to Get Government to Pay") at Oklahoma State University, Bennett stated that it did not make any sense for private individuals to pay for sporting venues, in that they are going to provide "such dramatic public return."

Unless, of course, they are in Seattle, in which case they have no affect on the local economy. This guy, he's killing me.

But if you want a real laugh, check out part of Bennett's rationale for why building these palaces for the wealthy are so economically relevant.

"... you've got players coming that are purchasing homes, buying vehicles ..."

Hey, we all know that NBA players are all about buying big cars and bigger houses, but would anyone with even a remote knowledge of economics agree with His Clayness on this point? Asking for $150 million from the state, then using the homes and cars of 12 individuals as an offset?

Man, when it comes to ridiculous, you can't top these guys.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Those players like to buy a whole lotta cars.

Anonymous said...

Pete, we all know Bennett is an assclown. We all know Bennett is an idiot. We all know there isn't that much wrong with Key Arena. And, may I ask, where you think an alternate site should even hit? I've lived here for 6 months, but having driven around Renton a little where is the real space to put a new arena? Doesn't it make sense for everyone to have the arena where it already is?

PN said...

You're preaching to the choir, man. I have absolutely no interest in spending public funds on building a new stadium when KeyArena just got a whack of money a decade ago. Since Bennett offered $100 million to spend on the new arena in Renton (which is dead in the water now), why not take that $100 million and spend it on improving KeyArena to his liking?

Anonymous said...

I hope the Sonics stay. But if they do stay, let's hope they're not owned by Bennett. It be agonizing if/when the team is ever successful because someone so odious and none-too-smart would be the benefactor.

Can't be as bad as George Shinn though, right? Ohhh wait, the other guy who could end up owning a team in Seattle...