Thursday, March 13

Call her out!

From Save Our Sonics:

"Dear Fellow Sonics Fan

Today the Washington State Legislature voted on their budget and, if they adjourn as scheduled will have failed to even address our issue despite the flood of calls they have received.

Last night Governor Christine Gregoire joined other politicians in commenting on our massive display of support. She provided some hope by seeming to embrace the idea of a special session and declaring "I understand how passionate Sonics fans are. I've known that all the way along. I'm a Sonics fan myself. I know how passionate taxpayers are. I've heard from them loud and clear," but I don't think you should ever think that conversations are dead until they Sine Die in Olympia. Today we have a report that calls to Gregoire are running lukewarm in support of this statement. Perhaps because many sports fans feel that they have already called and that our job is done.

Our loud message is getting through to people and there is still significant chance for success. Please continue your support and call the Governor to POLITELY tell her you appreciate her comments and are counting on her to help save the Sonics.

Governor Christine Gregoire Comment Line:
(360) 902-4111

We're in it till the end!

Brian and Steve
Save Our Sonics"


Anonymous said...

FYI, this was filed by David Postman of the PI at 3.30 today (Thursday).

"Gov. Chris Gregoire says there won't be action this year on a plan to renovate Key Arena as a way to keep the Sonics in town. In an interview taped for TVW, Gregoire said that there aren't the votes to pass what a would-be, in-state ownership group says is needed for a viable team.

"Gregoire said that she asked Senate Democratic and Republican leaders to do a careful vote count. Shortly after noon Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown and Minority Leader Mike Hewitt told the governor there were not nearly enough votes to approve the plan for $150 million in taxpayer money."

Make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

My error. That should have read David Postman of the Seattle Times, not the PI.

Anonymous said...

If (and that is a big if) what Gregoire is saying is true, and the government is far short of the votes necessary to make this happen, I think everyone should take a big step back from raking her over the coals for this situation.

Of course, whether the Democrats who choose to vote against it are doing so because of party loyalty, personal beliefs, or a combination of the two is unknown. But the fact remains that if a large majority of the government is opposed to something, it would be childish to blame everything on Gregoire.

As a side note, I am Republican voter, not a Democrat, and I am not writing this as some sort of Gregoire apologist. I'd much rather see Rossi than her come November.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is all on the city now.

I believe the state is going to change the motto above the front of the statehouse to read, "Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter."

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any clue why senators and representatives from Clark, Lewis, Spokane, and every county in the state have to approve the extension on a King County tax?

I don't even know what else to add. Pathetic sums it up. So they came up with a letter promising to form a task force? I hope that doesn't cost any money since the deal will disappear on April 10th.

Anonymous said...

Seattle is about to lose its NBA franchise and your leaders are only willing to throw their hands in the air and say "oh well!" What they need to be doing is rallying support around saving the Sonics rather than standing by why the citizens whom they represent are frantically trying to rally their lawmakers to represent their interests.

Anonymous said...

As far as i'm concerned they're all gone by next year....ROSSI 08!