Thursday, March 6

Frank Chopps Down Local Excitement

Well, try not to get too depressed when you read this article from the PI's Greg Johns and Chris McCann.

According to House Speaker Frank Chopp, the chance of the legislature approving any funds for a KeyArena remodel is a no-go. He let Rep. Jeff Morris give the bad news:

"There is absolutely no chance of us considering it this legislative session," Morris said.

Morris went on to comment that this current proposal, which would combine $150 million in private contributions with $75 million from Seattle and $75 from the state, is a good one, but that it is impossible for the state to make it happen in the remaining week before the end of the legislature session.

A special session, which would be called for by Gov. Gregoire, is a possibility, of course, but comments such as those from Morris certainly put a damper on things.


Anonymous said...

I'm not that worried - a special session is definitely doable. The key will be to put the pressure on legislators so that they know the public is behind this. Call the 800 number people, let your representative know that the Sonics matter to Seattle!


chunkstyle23 said...

I called today! Holy crap, I'm part of the political process. And now, on to the letter writing.

Anonymous said...

If you want a way to contact your specific rep, you can use this link to find him/her:

Click on the 'legislator information' tab, then follow the link to your dude.

for example, you could email Frank Chopp by using this link:

Anonymous said...

Email Rep. Jeff Morris, even if he doesn't happen to be your rep. He's been made the poster boy for legislative obstruction on this. Just sent him a fairly mild missive, other than the part about the future of human kind being on his shoulders (kidding). But I made it clear we have a solution and the legislature has an obligation to respond now...