Tuesday, March 4

Investors Lining Up?

With the Oklahoma City vote set for today (and that's all I will say about that, thank you very much), it was revealed in the Seattle Times that two local businessmen have come forward with a proposal to a) buy the Sonics and b) refurbish KeyArena in a 50-50 split with local government.

The CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegal, and developer Matt Griffin are the twin faces of the group, but there are apparently more people with even deeper pockets involved.

Griffin, along with Tim Ceis, the Deputy Mayor of Seattle and noted Sonic proponent, met with Gov. Gregoire yesterday to review the plan. At this point, according to the story, it does not appear likely that anything will happen prior to the legislature's adjournment next week.

So, while residents of another city vote on spending their money to fix up an arena, it appears as though Northwesterners will have an opportunity to do so as well.

Sadly, I am not a voter in Washington, so I doubt the legislature cares too much about my opinion. That said, if you are a voter, politicians do care about your opinion. With that in mind, and drawing on the request of Brian at SonicsCentral, I urge our readers to phone the legislature today and tell them you want them to get on board with this plan. Here is the phone number:


Honestly, time may be running out for the Sonics in Seattle, and this plan is as good as it is going to get for fans here.


Anonymous said...

I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to buy everything I possibly can from Costco. Thank you Costco man, now make it work

Anonymous said...

That's funny... two costco blog references in one day. Over at USSM, Dave Cameron's link to a round table discussion references the way the M's have stockpiled players is like they shopped at Costco.

That is all.