Wednesday, March 12

Losing Streak Continues

Man, it's hard to shake the "Major League" vibes with this team, isn't it?

In a battle of teams in a headlong sprint for the lottery, the Pacers topped the Sonics last night in Indianapolis to the tune of 114-107. Not unexpectedly, the two defensively inept clubs managed to combine for 175 shot attempts.

Even less unexpectedly, Chris Wilcox managed to follow up Gary Washburn's piece describing his "improved play" by turning in yet another stinker - hitting 6 of 16 shots from the field, 1 of 5 from the line, and 5 rebounds in about 30 minutes of play.

All together now - Chris Wilcox has been inconsistent, is now inconsistent, and will forever be inconsistent. Every year for the past three years, we've read stories about how he's "turned the corner" and added this or that skill to his offensive repertoire. And every year, he follows up a spate of double-double performances and monster dunks with a week's worth of 12 point-5 rebound stink jobs. The Sonics' front office and the media can talk all they want about how they want to keep him around in their future plans, but I can't imagine you'd want Kevin Durant spending any more time than is absolutely necessary around Chris Wilcox.

And, as always, there's a bunch of arena news to read about. Personally, the whole situation has got me to the point where I just don't give a damn any more.


Anonymous said...

you are supposed to give a damn about the situation no matter what. it's your only job. don't sally out now. that's just what the city needs.

chunkstyle23 said...

Yeah man, don't give up! That's just what the bad guys would want you to do!

Don't stop believin'! Or, don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow! Whichever classic rock anthem gets you pumped.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being naive, but I really think this whole situation can be remedied. If I had to wager, I'd bet that the city comes up with a way to get the extra $75 million that the state refuses to part with. With that in hand, how can the relocation committee give Bennett the go ahead?

Could lead to some interesting negotiations involving Bennett, Ballmer, Stern, et al....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your interest in keeping your favorite team in town, but I'd also appreciate you not telling what my "only job" is.

Paul said...

Also, it's not a "job" until we get paid. Are you offering Nussbaum some cash, Anonymous?