Tuesday, March 4

OK Polls Close, Sonics Leading

You know, if you had to wager on how the vote will go in Oklahoma City today on their Ford Center improvement plan, you'd have to bet on the house to win. By the house, of course, I mean Clay Bennett Inc. And since that vote gives Bennett the hammer he may need to uproot our team, I guess I'm a little less than thrilled about our prospects. On the other hand ...

at the end of one quarter, the Seattle Salary Dumps are leading the Detroit Pistons 41-28, and Earl Watson has scored 12 points.

In Detroit.

Keep hope alive!


Can I get a rain-check on that optimism? Looks like the election results for the Ford Center Tax come down with 61.8% yes, 38.1% no. Somewhere, Clay Bennett is taking a bath in $100 bills right now.

Oh, and the Sonics lost a 3-game to the Pistons. Seattle followed up a 41-point first quarter with a 13-point dud in the second (yeah, I saw it coming, too, smart guy). The starters did their job by scoring 86 points, but 11 points from the bench didn't quite cut it. 4 of 17 shooting by the reserves didn't help.


Unknown said...

Election results:

Looks like the stadium in OKC will pass.

Eric Reynolds said...

I know there one line of thinking that this is a good thing for Seattle's long-term chances, but I can't help but feel like it's a punch in the gut.

Anonymous said...

So, the OKC folks are willing to pay to get Bennett to come and start plundering them. Ahh-yup!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Isn't Clay's entire reason for leaving that fact that Seattle won't give him a new arena? Yet, the citizens of OKC need only to approve upgrades to their existing arena?

We all know about his evil plan to move the team, but isn't this too obvious?