Monday, March 17


Anybody get the license plate of the truck that ran over the Sonics on Sunday night?

I'm all aboard with what Kenyon Martin said to the AP after the game, "A lot of people are going to think it's a misprint."

Exactly my sentiments. I didn't watch the game, but I was watching Sportsnet's show at 10 pm last night ("We cram 90 minutes of hockey into 60 minutes of news!"), saw the ticker with the score at the bottom of the screen, and did a double-take.

I could go all Jayson Stark and start listing numbers upon numbers about how bad it was, but the bottom line is the Sonics gave up 168 points and lost by 52.

Enough said.


Sonics Man said...

It is time for the ownership group of this team to take accountability for the embarrasing product that it has put on the floor.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah.... I didn't see the game but I got the score texted to my phone and I had to look it up to make sure it was for real.....

I really hope that we get miricle happens and next year we become amazing.

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