Monday, July 16

All Green & Durant in Sonic Loss

Seattle Supersonics rookies Jeff Green (pictured) and Kevin Durant led the Seattle Supersonics in everything last night, and still lost.I'm not one for moral wins (I overdosed on them during the 80s rooting for the Mariners), but last night's loss to the Blazers might qualify.

Jeff Green's wonderful 32 point, 13 rebound night was almost matched by Kevin Durant's 28 point effort in a 84-78 loss to Portland in Las Vegas that left the Sonics 0-for-Las Vegas in the Summer League.

All I'll say about former first rounders Johan Petro and Mo Sene is this:

11 fouls, 2 points, combined.


Now it's off to Salt Lake City, as the NBA continues in its quest to find the most morally opposite communities in which to hold its summer league festitivites. Rumor has it that next year's twin billing will be Riyadh and Sao Paolo.

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Anonymous said...

I really hope Swift's rehab goes well based on seeing the other centers play this summer. Also, does anyone else think he kinda looks like a viking now?