Tuesday, July 3

Sonics to hire P.J. Carlesimo?

"Must . .. resist . . . urge to choke . . . "

The San Antonio Express News reports that the Seattle Supersonics are about to introduce Pesti Pal #1, P.J. Carlesimo, as the new head coach:
The Seattle SuperSonics have decided to hire P.J. Carlesimo as their new head coach, an NBA source said Tuesday evening.

Carlesimo has spent the previous five seasons as an assistant on the staff of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

Seattle’s new owner, Clay Bennett -- a former member of the Spurs’ ownership group -- has tried to use the Spurs as a blueprint to remake the Sonics. Last month, Bennett hired Spurs assistant general manager Sam Presti to oversee the Sonics’ front office.

Seattle is expected to announce Carlesimo’s hiring Wednesday afternoon.

Read it here.
Thanks to Supersonicsouliac John McWalter for the tip!

UPDATE: The Seattle P.I. reports that the Sonics have a press conference scheduled for Thursday afternoon. It looks like this might be for reals.


Ben Q. Rock said...

God, that photo is priceless.

Carlesimo would have been the wrong guy for the Magic, but I think he fits in well with the Sonics. I think of him as a calming presence and as a coach who preaches fundamentals. For a young team on the cusp of greatness, those are good qualities to have.

Eric Reynolds said...


Anonymous said...

I like him better than our other options.

Anyone know our Summer League roster?

Anonymous said...

PJ Carppissandmoan?

He better wear a collar.

Probably a good thing for him the Sonics aren't resigning Danny Fortson.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Anon, here's the Sonics' summer-league roster:

Anonymous said...

Damn. I thought Dwayne Casey was becoming the front runner. I guess this means Spree won't be coming to the Sonics anytime soon

Anonymous said...

This stinks. They want no ties to the area or previous teams at all. With a bit of luck the name and records can be kept here as a condition for ScumbagBennett breaking the lease.

Ben Q. Rock said...

TrueHoop linked to an article that speculated the reason Casey wasn't hired is because he LOVES Seattle as a city and wouldn't want to move.

Clay Bennett sounds like a real jerk.

Anonymous said...

As much as I like to bash Bennett & Co., that story is a bunch of bunk. Sam Presti isn't going to wreck his career as a GM by choosing an inferior coach just to help smooth relations. Same goes for Dwayne Casey; he knows this is a business and if his bosses decide to move to OKC, he's going to move right along with them, regardless of whether he'd like to stay in Seattle or not.

The columnist that put that piece together - Steve Kelley - is known for just regurgitating old stories when he's too tired to come up with something new. I like to think of his articles as something along the lines of MadLibs.

That said, Clay Bennett sounds like a real jerk to me, too.

Anonymous said...

Realistically, this is a 2-3 year project- we're about where the Blazers were the year they won 20 games.

Hmm, what a co-inky-dink, we have a retread coach (who's proven at Golden State he's eminently capable of losing a lot of games) and a roster teardown that will ensure the Sonics stay crappy and cheap through the remainder of their lease. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Steve Kelley.

Why construct a full paragraph when a single sentence will suffice?

I'll tell you why.


cneel said...

If Clay really wants to model his new purchase after the Spurs, he should try to sign Tim Duncan, because that's what that franchise is really all about. Forget the culture mumbo jumbo and hire an unstoppable power forward who can dominate both ends of the court.

Culture... please.