Monday, July 2


Is Rip Hamilton soon be joining the Seattle Supersonics?Will Seattle soon be the new "Rip" city?

A plethora of notes about the Sonics in all 3 newspapers this morning. Whatever you say about Sam Presti and the trade of Ray Allen (of which even a curmudgeon such as myself is beginning to admit his appreciation), adding Kevin Durant and Jeff Green and trading Allen has shoved this team back into relevance in this town.

Gary Washburn at the PI reveals that Dwayne Casey is emerging as the favorite for the head coach position, and that the announcement may come soon (side note that Percy Allen throws Terry Porter's hat into the ring as a possibility). Also of note in Gary's story is this quote from Sam Presti, in which the new GM comments on the type of coach the Sonics need:

"... We do have guys like (Nick) Collison, Lewis and (Earl) Watson who may be young but have played some years and have developed."

Anyone else notice how two folks - Ridnour and Wilcox - were conspicuously absent from that list? And how that makes it more possible that they may be traded for, oh, I don't know, Rip Hamilton?

The last rumor is courtesy of Frank Hughes, and, as Brian Robinson points out at SonicsCentral, the salary combination of Ridnour/Wilcox for Hamilton works out. If Presti can pull that off, I think I might convince Paul to rename our site "".

And, finally, Rashard Lewis and the Magic continue to dance (and dine)with one another. Considering that a) the Magic have yet to contact Darko Milicic (which has made the former #2 a little less than thrilled), whoss contract would be a stumbling block in their pursuit of Lewis (they are rumored to be meeting Milicic on Sunday to resolve the situation), and b) Vince Carter re-upped with New Jersey over the weekend, the possibility of Lewis finding a home in Orlando just got a little bit more likely.

The Orlando Sentinel's Brian Schmitz even got Tony Dutt, Lewis' agent, on the record saying of the Magic and Lewis, "There is no better fit."

The New York media also continues to speculate that Isiah Thomas is still pursuing Lewis, but the bag of recycled materials they want to include in return is so useless, it's not even worth linking to the story.

And, finally (whew!), thanks to commenter Josh, who directed us to this story at True Hoop - who I always neglect to read on the weekends (for shame!) - where it is revealed that Zabian Dowdell will be playing for the Sonics' summer league team. Dowdell tells Henry Abbott that had the Sonics not dealt away their #35 pick to Boston in the Allen deal, that he would have been their pick.

As I always say, Sam Presti is a brilliant man, because Dowdell was my favorite choice for the Sonics at that spot.


Anonymous said...

It would be absolutely amazing if Presti could pull that off and get Rip for wilcox and luke. That would instantly push us into the playoffs imo. Especially because we would still have Lewis's contract that we could use to bolster our frontcourt.

I'm just going to throw this out there, I'm supprised that I havent heard it from anyone else: What do you guys think of us trying to acquire Yi? Having a 7 ft PF who was drafted the same year as KD and Green would set us for the future. He would allow us to play BIG at PF (with green and KD) or small ball if we used him at C. A 7 ft PF/C like him would give our lineup so much versatility. Also he's only 19(ish)! And finally, if not most importantly, think about the revanue and popularity he would bring to the team with Seattle's huge asian population... were the Sonics to stay in Seattle, that is.... (That just might force Bennett to keep the team here)

I think Yi would be a perfect fit if we could get our hands on him, which just might happen if things continue to decay with the bucks.

dunces said...

The price for Yi will get bid up to the point where the Sonics don't want to pay it, and rightfully so.

I suppose Seattle would be a decent destination, but I haven't done much research into how our Chinese population stacks up against other cities (for instance, Seattle's one of the cities with at-least-double the national average in Asian population, but so is Minneapolis).

If we can get Rip for Wilcox + Ridnour, that'd be a coup, but who's gonna handle the ball? Watson? West? They're both more shoot-first, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

If we wanted Yi, we would of drafted him.

What do we possibly have to offer the Bucks?

As for Wilcox and Ridnour for Rip, I'm not buying it.

mcwalter44 said...

I agree completely with Mr. Pat M.

If we wanted Yi would have drafted with the #5 overall pick. Second, he just stunk it up yesterday in Dallas in the Chinese National Team verse the USA 19 under team. As Marc Stein reported this morning on ESPN Yi had 1 point going into the 4th quarter, when team USA started playing the bottom of their bench. Then had a 13 point quarter. If he can't even dominate the USA -19 under team how over matched will he be in the NBA?

As for Rip. I don't want him, but he would be a good addition and fill the Sonics void. I know that's a contradiction, but I just don't like him, maybe it's the shot Huskies' with that got me sour on him, but who knows. Anyways, I just don't see Detroit making this deal unless they lose Billups. If that happens, then they need to blow the team up and then Rip might and I stress MIGHT be available. However, Detroit is the only team that can resign Billups to the type of money he will want, so I think this whole rumor is mute.

raf said...

The Zab Dowdell pickup makes sense when you read the True Hoop profile on him--he was brought in to work out for the Spurs a couple times, and giving him the impression that they were keen on drafting him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Luke and Wilcox are relatively young, but not nearly the calibur player that Rip is, and will continue to be for a good five years. Remember, this is a guy that's in INSANE shape. I really can't see his game declining. Joe Dumars is no fool. Although, I really wish he were.

Regarding Yi, I don't think we need a fourth young unproven 7 footer. Also, doesn't make sense to have three big-time rookies on the same team--it's unlikely we'd be able to sign all three of them when they become free agents in three years.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen how badly he played in the national game before I made that post, but you guys are being a little closed minded. Seattle has a huge Chinese population (and asian in genenral) so getting our hands on Yi would be a huge reason for him to keep the team here in Seattle.

I agree that another unproven 7 ft'er is a risk, but then again all of our current guys only play center and are not nearly as versatile.

And to whoever said that if we wanted Yi we would of taken him in the draft we "would have," what exactly is your point? It's obvious that our first choice was Green, but that isn't a case against picking up another young player who was drafted lower (regardless of wether or not it's Yi)

Oh and as for detroit: Stucky anyone? The pistons have way to many gaurds, they probably wont want to get rid of hamilton (that deal won't happen) or billups. Then they drafted gaurds with their two first picks. They need to drop someone somewhere, let's hope it's Seattle.

Anonymous said...

what's the latest word on Rashard being courted by Houston? Per ESPN, management from the Rockets state that for Rashard to come to Houston, it would have to be a sign and trade deal. Who's being served up on the platter from the Rockets roster? I think we can safely say that T-Mac and Yao are untouchables...

Anonymous said...

What could the Bucks possibly want for Yi?

We have nothing to offer.

Anonymous said...

According to the Houston Chronicle, they're definitely not giving up Yao or T-Mac (just in case anyone here is delusional enough to think that might happen, or just riding an extra bit of optimism), and they don't want to give up Battier, and I'm stumped as to what else they could offer that the Sonics would be interested in. They have Bobby Sura's expiring contract (I think that's the case, I'll have to double-check it later), and various other bits and pieces, but nothing too exciting.

Before drafting Green, Battier would have made alot of sense, but with the Hoya on board, it really doesn't seem to add up that the Sonics would want Battier, since their games are somewhat similar.

I'm starting to get interested in what the Sonics get for Luke and Wilcox, since their time in Seattle is beginning to get short.

Anonymous said...

The last thing the Sonics need is another 7 foot project. We have, what, 3 of them already? He's supposedly a Chinese version of Nowitzki but you just can't base decisions on comparisons. Look at the talent pool differential between here and the China as well, he dominated against, let's face it, lesser competition. He gets here and gets kicked in the teeth by teenagers that aren't in the NBA.

Anyways, back to Lewis. I didn't think Houston had anything legitimately to offer us in asking for Lewis. I know Miami is also looking at making a move too, but for Udonis Haslem.....WTF?

Anonymous said...

What about sign and trade Rashard and Wilcox for Antawn Jamison's massive but expiring contract and Nick Young... Then Wally would be our only big contract on the books come the 08 free agency, in time for Howard, Jefferson, Brand, J O'Neal, Marion, KG and Okafor

Anonymous said...

I think the Wizards MIGHT surrender Jamison for those two, but not Jamison and Young. Even just acquiring Jamison would be a nice pickup, so long as the Sonics had a destination for Lewis in mind. Jamison has spent most of his recent time at PF from what I recall, so he would be a good fit with Durant.

Still, after the Randolph situation collapsed and hte rumored trade b/n Portland and the Wiz didn't go through, maybe the Wiz are better off just keeping Jamison.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Late-breaking news from the East Coast:

An Orlando TV station is reporting that the Magic will sign Rashard Lewis for 5 years and $75 M.

Just thought I'd give you all a heads-up.

Paul said...

It looks like they took the link down--maybe they jumped the gun (I hope!).

Anonymous said...

You're probably right Nuss. I just hope we get a much better deal for Rashard than the Blazers did for ZR. Surely they could've gotten a better deal if they'd waited. I wouldn't mind seeing us go after Nocioni, David Lee or Varejao, but we'll see what Presti comes up with. We could really do with a shotblocking rebounding sort, but I can't see anyone of use being available, unless you count Darko.