Tuesday, July 24

Poor Phoenix

Just in case any Phoenix Suns fans have come here looking for commiseration because a corrupt referee prevented them from possibly winning an NBA title that they may have deserved, let me say this:

Stuff it.


Paul said...

That is a pain that will never heal. Thanks for picking at the scab, Pete.

Anonymous said...

At least Phoenix played in the second round and maybe did get screwed by tge ref.
Where was Seattle? Oh, I forgot, they were fishing during the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

you got that shit right, what was it, 57 free throws? that game was SO fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunsfan,

Looking forward to having your #1 pick 3 years from now when Steve Nash's knees are as wobbly as a drunk hobo's. I figure we ought to get at least a #7 overall from that pick, what with Phoenix winning about 35 games that year.

Oh, and good luck in defending anyone taller than 6'8" this year now that you've sent your only decent defensive big man packing.