Friday, July 6

Goodbye, Lenny

I was putting together a notes thing for Monday, and I came across on Gary Washburn's blog. As expected, Lenny Wilkens has resigned his position with the Sonics.

Partial quote:

"My passion for this city and this franchise has never wavered, but I feel that my position within the organization did not develop the way that I thought it would."

It would be easy to make a snarky comment about Lenny and the way things went at the end of his 2nd tenure with the club, but let's take the high road and say thanks to Lenny for putting the effort he did, both this time around and (more importantly) the first time, when he led the Sonics to Seattle's only pro sports championship.


Mr. Chriss said...

Poor WNBA... they never get any credit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lenny for all you have done for the Sonics!