Monday, July 2

Rashard to sign with Orlando?

"Psst. It's me--the ghost of Ray Allen. Leave this place...NOW"

It's really just a rumor of a whisper of a rumor, but Ben Q. Rock (!) of the Orlando Magic blog "Third Quarter Collapse" says a local TV station has reported that Rashard will sign a 5-year, $75 million dollar deal with the Magic.

I have a hard time believing Rashard would sign this early, especially for five years, when he could get six with a sign and trade. Then again, I thought Living Colour was going to be the "Band of the 90's"*, so what the hell do I know?
*See Tahoma High School Newspaper, Dec, 1989

UPDATE: Now ESPN is saying it's true. Time to bust out the Body Glove, Rashard!


Steven said...

ESPN is carrying the story. Bummer if it is true!

Anonymous said...

If true the Sonics now enter serious youth/rebuilding" mode.

No Rip Hamilton - more lossing in the next 1-2 years

BUT.... The $$$ that would have gone to Lewis can eventually go to others.

I wish we could have kept RL. I wish RL the best & think he will do great in Orlando - but this does not have to cripple the Sonics.

With Durrant & Green as the new/young core - if they are super-star & all-star level players as we hope they will become the focus is building towards 2009/2010+. If Presti makes other good decisions moving forward & Durrant/Green are great there is....

1. Plenty of hope
2. Plenty of patience needed

PS: It owuld really help is one of our younger Sonics jumped out next seasonw ith major level of imporvement (Swift, Luke, Wilcox etc.) It could happen - we'll need some more help & hope from some of our regular guys.

haizman_brain said...

I was hoping a sign and trade with Orlando would happen so that we could land Jameer Nelson. Imagine Jameer and Delonte in the same back court discussing who made the worst tattoo choices! Maybe we could have landed Grant Hill to maintain our SF stockpile.

Seriously folks, if we get nada for Rashard I'll be throwing verbal tomatoes at him from the front row when he comes to town. I wonder if a pie-to-the-face would get me kicked out of the Key or a standing ovation?

Sonics Man said...

Check out my article called: "Embraing the Change"

I talk about all the changes the Sonics have undergone.

Paul said...

The Rash can't sign until next week, so this is all probably just posturing my his peoples to get the best deal.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Whoa, thanks for the linkage. I was just getting ready to write a new post linking to Nuss' assessment of 'Shard's time in Seattle. Let's be friends. Hahaha.

Why the exclamation point next to my pseudonym?