Wednesday, July 11

Summer League Game 3: Bucks

The Sonics will try to finally put one in the W column tonight in a 5:30 game against Milwaukee in the Las Vegas Summer League.

I'm not sure if the game will be webcast or not. You can check out as it gets closer to game time, but I can't make out whether you'll be able to watch anything.

The Bucks' roster includes former Sonic summer-leaguer Noel Felix, ex-Temple guard Lynn Greer (Go Owls!), late-season Sonic point guard Randy Livingston, 2nd rounder Ramon Sessions ... and a bunch of other guys.

Second-year player David Noel was Milwaukee's leading scorer in their last game, a loss to the Lakers. It'll be interesting to see if the Sonics' point guards are able to contain either Greer or Livingston, or if it'll be another display of olé defense.

As you may or may not have heard, Kevin Durant will be in LA for the ESPYs (he's filling in for Danny Fortson, who couldn't get out of his liposuction appointment), so Jeff Green will get another chance to show me why I was an idiot for criticizing the Sonics on draft day.

Go Jeff!


Anonymous said... sound except when they need to do their sponsor spots..

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is O.Famutimi?
He's listed as a guard on
Point gurad?
Or did they mistakenley list him as that and he's actually a PF?
A PG that's a threat to score? Awesome.

Oh, yeha,I got ahead of myself. It's still summer league...