Wednesday, July 25

Dave Ross to talk about new Sonics Initiative

I just found out that Dave Ross is going to be talking about the new Sonics initiative being put together by our pals at SaveOurSonics on his show this morning on 710 KIRO.

I love Dave Ross, but he's been dead set against doing anything to help the Sonics. If you disagree, call in to the show or e-mail your comments.


Anonymous said...

What time does his show start?

Anonymous said...

I'm no lawyer, frankly not even very intelligent, but it seems to me that legally, any lease/agreement signed before a new new law would be grandfathered. Does this initiative cover that?

Also, does this handcuff the city in future agreements. Say for example, a team was suddenly comprised of a bunch of Michael Vicks; then the city and team would be on different sides of the coin.

brokejumper said...

Anyone hear the show and can comment on what went on?