Monday, July 30

The Rookie

Former Seattle Supersonics star Spencer Haywood
I think there’s a pretty broad consensus out there that young Kevin Durant will lead Seattle in scoring this season. It got me to wondering: When was the last time a rookie led the Sonics in points per game?

Well, it’s been a long time. Xavier McDaniel was close, leading the team in overall points in 1985-86, but falling short of Tommy Chambers in ppg (And as an aside: How does a team with Chambers, the X-Man, and Jack Sikma win all of 31 games and miss the playoffs?).

No, you have to go back to 1970-71, when Spencer Haywood, a 21-year-old import from the ABA, played 33 games and averaged 20.6 ppg, besting Lenny Wilkens for tops on the team. Even then, it’s a bit of a stretch, considering Haywood played in fewer than half of the team’s games, not to mention that he played the year before for Denver with the red, white and blue ball. If you go by league rules for determining a scoring champ, then Haywood doesn’t qualify either.

So there you go. Through seven presidential administrations, the creation of the Mariners and Seahawks, the building and demolition of the Kingdome, seven James Bonds, and the emergence, disappearance, and re-birth of bell-bottoms, the Sonics have existed for 41 years without having a rookie lead them in scoring. Until now.

We’re in uncharted waters here, folks.


Anonymous said...

THIS is what led you to believe we're in uncharted waters? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Breaking news...

ESPN has broke that Boston and Minnesota are on the verge of a KG trade.


KG, 1st round pick (the one they exchanged in the Wally/Ricky Davis deal)

Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, and future first round.

You know what this means... The Sonics will not be in the cellar. Yeah!!!!


Anonymous said...

X-Man..he was my favorite player before Derrick McKey showed up..that turn around jumper he had was lethal..

Anonymous said...

I've got to imagine that a Garnett trade ensures the Sonics will avoid the basement for 3-4 years (depending on if there's realignment if they move). Minny's gonna be pretty poor for awhile. Clearing Garnett's contract helps, I suppose, but they've still got the anchor known as Hudson/Jaric/Hassell tied around their necks, not to mention the $40 mil they owe Juwan Howard and Mark Blount over the next few years.