Saturday, July 14

Durant Shines; Sonics Lose

Seattle Supersonics rookie Kevin Durant heats up the Summer LeagueMan, that's a headline I'm not looking forward to this season, but it's one that I think we can expect to see about as often as "Rain Expected This Weekend" for Seattle in November.

Kevin Durant poured in 32 points in his best effort of the Summer League, Jeff Green tossed in 15 of his own ... and the rest of the roster added 27 points. Ugh.

The Sonics were much-improved on the offensive glass with 49 boards to Golden State's 36, but it wasn't enough as the Warriors raced to a 85-74 win.

The Summer League concludes with the much-anticipated Durant v Oden matchup on Sunday night. Oh, except that Greg Oden won't be there because of tonsillitis. So, it will be the no-so-much-anticipated Kenny Adeleke v Stefano Mancinelli matchup instead.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if the rest of the roster only scored 27 points? Are any of them going to be counted on to do much this year? Isn't it possible that a Sonics team with Durant, Green, a healthy Swift, a decent PG (Rid, Watson, or even West will be decent at least), Collison, Wilcox, etc. will be better than a team of Durant, Green, and trash?

Why get worked up about what happens in the summer league? I can understand why someone might be pessimistic about a young Sonics team, but the summer league shouldn't be used as evidence to back that pessimism up.

If anything, Durant and Green combining for 50 should be reason for optimism.

Mr. Chriss said...

I agree. Durant doesn't really have anyone to pass to and he's really the only person teams are really playing defense against.

I'm actually really impressed by how much he's getting to the line... if he stays agressive during the regular season, he should be able to put up numbers every game.

Also with the addition of a good PG, he should be getting some better looks at the basket.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting: Durant 28 points, Green 32 points and 13 boards. The rest of the team: 18 freakin points. Hopefully the supporting cast will be exponentially better during the regular season. Hooray for Presti!

Anonymous said...

SUMMER LEAGUE!!!! remember that

Anonymous said...

I do remember that, that's why I'm banking on a better supporting cast for the real season.