Thursday, July 26

Save our Sonics Press Conference Today

Seattle Supersonics fans like to drive.
Our pals at Save Our Sonics are holding a big press conference at Mainstage Comedy Club (a great joint right across from Key Arena) to talk about their new "A Deal is a Deal" initiative. From the press release:
On June 27, 2007 Steven Pyeatt and Brian Robinson, founding members of Save Our Sonics and Storm, formally registered A Deal is a Deal Committee (DIAD) with the State of Washington with the intention of filing a citywide initiative relating to the lease status of the Seattle SuperSonics and Storm.

“A Deal is a Deal” will mandate that the city not be a partner to any agreement in which a professional sports team relocates prior to the expiration of their existing lease, effectively making binding the pre-existing Sonics lease through the 2009-2010 season.

Initial support for this action has been extremely broad-based. The initiative has been reviewed and endorsed by anti-arena activist Chris Van Dyk, co-chair of Citizens for More Important Things. Van Dyk, along with members of the Queen Anne Business Community, will join DIAD, PAC members to announce the formal submittal of the initiative later this week. At that time the text of the initiative, as well as volunteer and contributor information will be released. Media members will be given a statement regarding this action, as well as engage in question and answer sessions with legal council, supporters, and affected Seattle Area business owners.
That's right--Chris "I hate sports" Van Dyk is on board! What is this topsy-turvy world coming to?

Here are all the details:
Press Conference: Thursday, July 26, 2007, 3:00 pm

The Mainstage Comedy Club

315 First Avenue, Seattle

Contact: Brian Robinson, Director

Phone: 206.349.6447



Anonymous said...

Denise the volunteer coordinator and a Storm fanatic should share the spotlight. Storm fans could be vital in getting the signatures.

Paul said...

Agreed. Supersonicsoul isn't really involved with these guys, though, (other than giving them a virtual high-five) so you should bring it up with them.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't criticizing your piece, I was just posting a thought in public. Some things stand out better here than other places.

Paul said...

Sorry for the mixup--I didn't take it a criticism at all, I was just agreeing with your point that Denise does a great job.

And thanks for thinking we're a worthy place to post--we always encourage thinking at Supersonicsoul!