Friday, August 31

Sonics Delonte West rocks NBA Live

Yesterday, EA SPORTS hosted the NBA LIVE Summer Camp taking place at the EA Canada studio in Vancouver, BC. NBA stars Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics), Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns), Channing Frye (Portland Trailblazers) Randy Foye (Minnesota Timberwolves) and Delonte West (Seattle Supersonics) were all in attendance to have their go-to moves authentically represented in NBA LIVE through motion capture.

(read the rest here.)
No word yet whether they motion-captured Delonte's clothes hanger dunk.


Anonymous said...

nice to see he won the 3 point contest. lets hope it carries into the season.

Anonymous said...

haha, I love this guy...

Anonymous said...

check out:

Anonymous said...

nice note!No one really has a confident feel on what this news could be. Some have suggested the release date may be pushed up to next nba live Tuesday, but its hard to believe EA would want to 火箭 release Live on the same day as Halo 3. On the other hand nbalive it would still accomplish beating out NBA 2K8 to the store shelves. Both currently are set to be in 火箭队 stores on Tuesday October 2nd.

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