Wednesday, August 15

Dowdell en France? Oui!

I hope Zabian Dowdell worked in a few French classes while at Virginia Tech, because the Unofficial Favorite Undrafted Player of will be suiting up for Nancy of the Pro A League this year.

For those who don't know, Nancy (city motto: Non inultus premor, "No one touches me with impunity") is located about 4 hours east of Paris, or just 2 hours south of Luxembourg, in case Zabian is in need of visiting the world's only sovereign Grand Duchy. Hey, some people are into that sort of thing, okay?

As always, we wish Dowdell the best of luck in Nancy. Let's hope he's able to parlay any success in Europe into an NBA contract in the future.

In other summer league invitee news, Julius Hodge has signed with Cimberio Varese of the Italian League.


Anonymous said...

A place in France called Nancy. You just can't make shit like that up.

Paul said...

". . . we wish Dowdell the best of luck in Nancy."

Nope. Not touching that one.

Anonymous said...

Damned Nancy Boys!

Paul said...

Why do people hate the French? They make delicious fries. And dressing. And their cut of green beans is unmatched!

Anonymous said...


We love you too ! :)

Didn't notice that Dowdell signed with Nancy, it's one of the best french team even if they're losers (they lost three finals in a row).

Anonymous said...


Pardon my ignorance, but is there one French league, or multiple leagues, or is Nancy in the Euroleague, or ... It's all a little bit confusing to us on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.


Anonymous said...

Well the french league is not a closed one like the NBA.

You have several divisions (the Pro A being the best, after there is the Pro B then the National 1, National 2 and finally the National 3) after the season the worst teams of a division are relegated while the best ones are promoted.

The Euroleague is another competition where 24 teams, among the best in Europe, are facing to become European Champion. Teams playing in the Euroleague are still playing in their national league of course.

I guess you don't know soccer very well but it's the basketball equivalent of the "Champions league"

I think Nancy is not in the Euroleague this season.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten into soccer a bit more in the past couple of years, so that explanation actually makes a lot of sense. I guess as a Sonic fan, I'm glad teams don't get relegated in the NBA, or else the Sonics would be playing in the WNBA this year after the way they've played the last 2 seasons.

Anonymous said...

little sad to see hodge leave though..i would've like to seen him in camp not that he would make the team but just to see him push the shorter guards that we have in rid, wilks and watson..

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your great website I just realized that "Pépé le Pew" is french . I finally understand why he was always in Paris ! :)

In our version he was Italian.

Paul said...

Pepe is my hero. Even though he scares the girls away with his repulsive odor, he never gives up the dream of getting laid. There's a lesson there for all of us, folks.

Anonymous said...


thank you Paul. on both counts.

Anonymous said...

*the first and the last. Everyone knows that te only worthwile fried potato is Freedom Fries. and if you extend to French Canada, Poutin is really really nasty. even if my gf is OBSESSED with it.