Saturday, January 26

Absolutely Awful

It was perhaps the worst performance I've ever witnessed from the Sonics - at least for the first half, anyways. With a minute or so to go before halftime, the Supes had scored the grand total of 23 points (!), and I don't even know how they got that many.

Did I mention that Friday night's game was against Atlanta, at home? That Wally Szczerbiak had 2 points? That Jeff Green played the role of the Invisible Man, again? That Kurt Thomas looked like he was 55, not 35?

Kevin Durant spent the whole game looking for his shot, but never seemed to find it. With the exception of dunks, he was horrific, finishing 7 of 21 on the night. Granted, no one else seemed to have the touch last night either, as the Sonics went 0 for 11 behind the arc. Atlanta knew it was coming, too, as they sagged in around the basket all night and conceeded the outside shot they knew the Sonics were not going to make.

On the bright side, Johan Petro had a coast-to-coast dunk in the fourth quarter that brough the crowd to its feet. Yes, Petro and coast-to-coast in the same sentence. I'm still in shock myself. And Chris Wilcox and Luke Ridnour - in an attempt to make me eat my words about the two of them in my mid-season grades - seemed to be the only other Sonics with any sense of energy Friday night.

But, truly, the entire Sonic season could be summed up by one play in the second quarter. The Sonics had, again, let the clock run down to single digits, and panic set it on offense. Durant took the ball, split two defenders, twisted and turned his lithe frame in traffic, cocked his hand back ...

And threw a dunk off the front of the rim.

That's the 2007-08 Seattle Supersonics for you folks. Crappy at the beginning, crappy at the end, and a little bit of sun in between.


Anonymous said...

...And let the fire-sale begin...

Can we take bets on who is first to be traded? I have Kurt Thomas at even money followed by Watson at 3 to 1 and Wally at 5 to 1.

I never thought I would be looking at the draft board this early in the season. I just hope Presti can finagle another high draft pick so we make sure Derrick Rose is coming to Seattle (knock on wood) next year.

- Dan

Anonymous said...

alright first of all, i wouldn't mind getting rid of Kurt at all. except for the fact that he has experience under his belt that could guide the future sonics, who are going to take this team to new limits. As for Watson, he is alright for the transition period. I've been to Wally World and it's nothing special. He's out of his league and does absolutely nothing but miss 3's. He's had one hot year and it's definitely not this one.