Thursday, January 31

Wally's Out

According to Gary Washburn at the PI, Szczerbiak will be sitting tonight's game against Cleveland out. His sprained right ankle injury has not healed as expected, so Damien Wilkins and Delonte West will get some extra minutes tonight.

Again, the irony of watching Mickael Gelabale sitting all season because of a minute crunch, seeing him sent to the minors, then within 48 hours seeing his team actually in need of his services is somewhat frustrating. Considering that Wilkins is still recovering from the flu, Gelly could have gotten 10-20 minutes tonight. Instead, he's in the D-League.

Oh, well, at least Delonte will get a chance to prove (again) that he deserves minutes.

Which leads to the question: Assuming LBJ is healthy tonight, who on the Sonic roster do you feel is best-suited to guard him, one on one?


Anonymous said...

Is that a trick question?

Anonymous said...

No, but I can see why you would think so. I'll nominate Damien Wilkins, but even that makes me shudder.

Anonymous said...

I think Green is best suited to gaurd LBJ. Simply because he did a good job gaurding Kobe and because there really isnt anyone else(healthy) that is fast enough or strong enough to keep LBJ under pressure.

Anonymous said...

Between West, Wilkins and Gelabale, Gelabale is by far the best defender.
I don't understand why that stupid coach is not playing him!

Anonymous said...

I'd go for Gelly, too, but for two things:

1. He's too slender, and LBJ would just bump him down into the paint

2. He's not on the active roster