Friday, July 27

Presto! Orlando conjures up new arena

Orlando's new arena?
As mentioned at Third Quarter Collapse, the Orlando Magic have gone and got themselves a new toy as the Orange County Commission (“Now with more pulp!”) approved funds to construct a new facility.

Along with wondering what dorky names they can call this new palace (Orlando Orena? Amway Pyramid Scheme? Suburban Blight Palace?), the locals are already giddy with the thought of luring ... an East Coast Hockey League team! Because you know the only thing less popular than a National Hockey League team is an East Coast Hockey League team!

Best of all was this quote from Alex Martins, the COO of the Magic, swiped from Tim Povtak of the Orlando Sentinel:

"We want to have the newest, greatest, best facility in the country,” Martins said.

Gee, I wonder where I heard that before? Just a metaphysical question here: If the Sonics’ new arena is the best facility in the country and the Magic new arena is the best facility in the country, can they exist in the same universe? Would there be an Arenamania, where the buildings battle to the death to determine who gets the right to call himself The Best?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

The world's best basketball facility will be whichever one the Seattle Supersonics play in in the year 2011.

Assuming that venue is somewhere in Washington State.

mcwalter44 said...

Lol... love the last poster's name.

I sure hope they're in Seattle beyond to 09-10 season too.

Ben Q. Rock said...

The SuperSonics have Jeff Green.
The Magic will have a green-certified arena.

Which would you prefer?

I like the idea of the future venues duking it out. Would they take different shapes, like Transformers? Or would they stay in arena form and just throw themselves at each other?

mcwalter44 said...

I just caught Durant on ESPN NEWS doing an interview from the rookie picture day wear a nice yellow Sonics jersey. It was a great interview. They him about the Team USA game, his expectations for the season, what he thinks of Seattle's possible relocation, etc. Man he just killed this interview. He said all the right things, even complementing Seattle fans as being some of the most loyal fan in the NBA and he know they'll fight to the end to keep there team from moving. Considering he's the new face of the franchise it was great hear that he didn't give the "well it's a business" answer about Seattle situation with it's basketball team.

Anyways, EPSN news replays all their interviews over and over again, so if you have a chance check it out.

Ben Q. Rock said...

It's refreshing to see Durant take that kind of responsibility. It's not refreshing to see him in that awful yellow alternate jersey. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

"Remember kids, anonymous=LOSER! Make sure to post your name, so we know who to make fun of. -Editor"

This is a minor thing that has spun bigger than it should be.

I explained before that I didnt know how the other option work until very recently. I suggested it might be better for the notice to explain how to use "other" rather than feeding a go negative vibe so I posted anon a few more times in protest. But that feed negative behavior and didnt change the editorial note.

The negative behavior is going to be there if that's what folks are into. I am tired of that stuff. But do whatever.

If the anon option is there, to me it is a valid choice. If it upsets folks that much, remove it. I dont care about anon, I came for basketball talk but I don't have to have it. The negative stuff has ruined plenty of places. It would be too bad if the better places fell too.

Anonymous said...

Orlando arena designed by same company HOK that Bennett used for his sketch and it seems like largely the same design

Anonymous said...


This story was largely humorous and is still somewhat relevant to the sonics. I can understand someone getting upset if a sonics site is dominated by incessant complaints about our arena situation, but that is hardly the case here. It is downright foolish to think that a site dedicated to the soncis is going to turn a blind eye to our arena situation as that is such a huge factor in the teams future and, subsequently, our interest as fans. SSS does a great job of avoiding negativity while still covering everything that is relevant and keeping the focus on what is important to real sonics fans, all while still maintaining an upbeat and humorous approach.

I would hope even the most critical of readers would afford the authors of this site at least some degree of creative freedom seeing as they maintain it on their own time. If that isn't the case, however, I'm sure there is a site that would be able to satisfy you somewhere (else).

Keep up the great work, SSS!

Anonymous said...


The arena issue and talk of various things about it isnt a problem to me. The dust up on the other board over it was unfortunate and I see both sides. Maybe the parties can work it out.

I am not anti-freedom, in fact my mini-protest about the anon option here was in part about tolerance for choices but the other side had a valid argument too and it became a no-win circular argument. A distraction.

I am not anti-fun or anti-contact, though I prefer less than some others. Get a group for anything and there is going to be some different styles and disagreements. Various things happened and folks move on however they see fit.

Thanks for the board hosts. It is not easy but the opportunity created is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

from yahoo: "With Oden and Shane Battier probably out, J.J. Redick likely being moved to the practice squad that will scrimmage against the Americans next month, and Nick Collison joining the team at that time, the U.S. roster should be at 16 when camp reopens. The roster has to be down to 12 the day before the FIBA Americas tournament starts on Aug. 22."

Hell yeah! My favorite (surviving) Sonic will be joining the country's best ballers. He totally deserves it.

Anonymous said...

"He totally deserves it."

Why? On the strength of a few very good games last season? I don't think a guy who doesn't even start on his own team deserves to play with the country's supposed most elite players. But I guess if J.J. Reddick is allowed to play than anybody can.

Anonymous said...

He's an intelligent young player who is a solid garbage man. The coaches of the USA team believe that he could fit the mold better than anyone else provided he is surrounded with a roster that has talent (and a good big man to free him up to do his thing).

While i don't deny I was supprised myself, I have faith that team USA knows what it's doing - they are way smarter than me.

Anonymous said...

No matter how nice those arenas are when they first open, the team owners will be declaring them obsolete after 10 or 15 years.