Monday, February 4

3! 3! 3!

Mired in a season-long Death March, the Sonics have brought some sunshine to the rainiest state in the union as they earned their 3rd consecutive win with a one-point win over the Knicks on Saturday.

With Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak and Robert Swift all sidelined, the Sonics rode Chris Wilcox and Kevin Durant to a one-point win. Green's sprained left ankle will take a while to heal, so that means more minutes for Damien Wilkins, who responded by posting the best +/- of the night for the Sonics (+16) in only 29 minutes. Durant's 3 with 59 seconds left was the difference, although his turnover on the next possession almost cost the Sonics the game.

Regardless, it's a win. This season has been a tough one to swallow, and the team's multiple long streaks have sort of endeared them to me. It's difficult to ridicule a group of players who are so badly outclassed on so many nights. Eventually, you have to start pulling for the underdog (how 'bout them Giants, huh?), and I think we've reached that stage for these Sonics.

Now, let's knock off the Baby Bulls and make four in a row!


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