Wednesday, February 20

Wally & Watson Show

"I think tonight was one of those games where I got an opportunity to show what I can do down the stretch," Wally Szczerbiak said. (from the Times)

Everyone's talking about it - how Szczerbiak and Earl Watson (who added 26 points in the win over the grisly Grizzlies last night in Seattle) are moments away from being dealt, and good ol' Wally put the proper spin on his efforts.

Alot of subplots involving the game, including:

- No Kevin Durant, because of flu-like symptoms
- A seemingly easy win against an opponent that is on the ropes
- A lousy first half that saw the Sonics outscored 62-48
- A great third quarter, where the Sonics made up the entire deficit

Jeff Green had a nice effort as well, and Chris Wilcox proved - once again - that anyone who thinks he is ready to become an above-average power forward is sorely mistaken. Big Weezy showed he was still in all-star break mode by contributing 6 (!) points and 4 (!) rebounds in 30+ minutes, while his counterpart, Hakim Warrick, finished with 22 points on 18 shots.

In the end, it's a 108-101 Sonic win. Nice start to the second half of the season, fellas.

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Anonymous said...

So if we just win out, will we make the playoffs?