Monday, February 4


Maybe it's the leftover giddiness from seeing Richard M. Belichick go down in flame of glory on Sunday, but I'm actually excited about a Sonic win tonight.

Again, excited about a Sonic win.

What are we, four months into the season, and I think that's the first time those words have been typed on this site. Sad, but true.

Anyhow, the Bulls are really a mess right now. Anybody who scores less than 170 points in back to back losses to Sacto and Minny ain't exactly firing on all cylinders. Which leads to a couple of points for tonight's game:

1. The Bulls played well in both of those games in the first half before faltering in the 2nd. If the Sonics can keep it close, I feel pretty good about tonight.

2. The Swiss Mister and Joachim Noah both racked up double-digit negatives in the +/- column in each of the two losses.

3. We could really use Wally tonight.

Go Supes!

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