Friday, February 22

8 Things About Ira Newble

1. Ira Newble and Wally Szczerbiak, who were traded for one another yesterday, are the only active Miami University attendees in the NBA. I believe, but am not 100% certain, that they were teammates at U of M in 1995. It's funny how all the stories I read about Wally heading to Cleveland highlighted his Ohio history, but neglected to mention Newble's.

2. His favorite books are 1984 and the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Personally, I think Animal Farm is better than 1984, but those are both solid choices. Especially Malcolm X, if you haven't read that book you really should make a point of it. Extremely well written and fascinating from the first page to the last. Somebody ought to make a movie out of it.

3. Father’s name is also Ira. By the way, how sweet would it have been to see Ira hook up with some Jewish girl, who tells her dad she's bringing home a guy she met named Ira, and then Ira Newble rings the doorbell? That's comedy gold!

4. "Ira plays everything but the point guard, but he even brought the ball up sometime. Ira doesn't have a position. He plays where ever coach puts him.” LeBron James.

5. Leads a campaign to help bring awareness to China's involvement in the Darfur crisis. He is collecting signatures around the league for a letter that then will be presented to the Chinese government and the President of the Olympic Committee for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

6. His Roland Rating of -9.9 was the worst on the Cavs for players playing 25% of more of the team’s minutes this season.

7. He has spent the majority of his minutes at small forward this season, with occasional duty at SG and PF.

8. His adjusted +/- for the season is -8.09.


Anonymous said...

As a Miami alum I was glad to see we're keeping a Miami grad on the roster. Also, it's Miami University. University of Miami is in Florida, and as the saying goes, we were a University before Florida was a state.

Anonymous said...

There's a link to the Sonics' grades for trading lately. All A's, pretty much all very positive comments and analysis. Oh and they ended up the #1 winners in the Shaq to Phoenix deal:

For Seattle: And now, for the big winner ... everyone remember that Kurt Thomas trade back in the fall? Phoenix sent Seattle two first-rounders in that deal.

What you might not remember is that the 2010 pick is completely unprotected. Didn't seem like a big deal with Phoenix's roster at the time, but now look at the Suns. In the 2009-10 season, Shaq will be 37, Steve Nash will be 35, Grant Hill will be 37, and Raja Bell will be 33. With this trade, the value of that pick just went through the roof. Grade: A

bigsislib said...

Thanks for correcting him, Justin. As another proud Miami grad, it makes me crazy when people call it the University of Miami. I live in Cleveland and attended Miami the whole time Wally was there. The Sweet 16 was awesome. We are so excited to have him here. But, we will miss Ira as well. Take good care of him!

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I fixed it. Sheesh, who knew I was opening such a touchy subject?

Fair enough, though. I hate it when people mix up Oregon State and the University of Oregon - it's so easy, people!

OSU - lots of cows
UO - lots of weed

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