Thursday, February 28

Operation: Letterpalooza

Yes, that's Stan 'The Man" Lee dressed as a mailman. Yes, I am a nerd.

Like most Seattle basketball fans, I've spent the last few years trying to think of a way to help keep the Sonics in town without licking the manure-soaked boots of Clay Bennett. 

The best way, of course, would be a giant public outcry. A "Rock out the Vote" political movement that would make Barrack Obama jealous. This, sadly, just doesn't happen in Seattle. WTO riots aside, Seattleites just really aren't in to public displays, or even going out in public at all, for that matter (one of the things I adore about this city).

So how in Sam Hill are we going to gather an angry mob to chase the Sonic-Stealers out of town? One word: outsourcing

It's time to get the national media involved. It's clear looking at websites like ESPN that no one outside of Oklahoma and David Stern's office wants the Sonics to move from one of the top media spots in the country to a dustbowl. And, unlike Stern and Bennett, they don't want to urinate on 40 years of Sonics history. 

So let's bring this fight to the nation, peoples! First stop: Bill Simmons.

The ESPN writer is going to highlight letters from beleaguered Sonics fans next week. So bust out your Angry Font and send him an Email! Now! GO!


Ben Q. Rock said...

Stan as Willie Lumpkin?!?! I knew there was a reason I added you guys to my blogroll.

Good luck keeping the Sonics in Seattle. You all deserve that team.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I liked this site. And while I'm not converting to a Sonics fan (already a Kings fan), I am dismayed to see a city that has so much interest in the Sonics get ripped it's heart out of for.....WAIT FOR IT....Oklahoma City fans.

Bill Simmons article with all the fans letters was awesome. There is so much touching stuff in that piece I don't know where to begin (maybe by saying, as a new Seattle resident, that putting a new Arena in Renton makes about as much sense as claiming George W Bush is an intellectual thinker). The whole situation this has become is just ridiculous beyond description. It makes me angry to be a fan.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inundate you folks with angry comments, but I am angry (and wish I had sent a pointless email to Simmons).

Some of my best Kings memories include the Sonics.

The 30-1 run against the Sonics when the Kings were barely hanging onto a thread to just make the playoffs in 1996 (which they eventually did)

The game 2 victory of the 96 playoffs where the Sonics could have lost.

Sonics fans don't deserve this. Neither do long time fans who have (deservedly) rich memories of how their teams fared against the Supes over the years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts, PG. My hope is that fans across the country will wake up to how lousy this whole situation is, put some pressure on Stern, and then force him to capitulate and admit that he's made a mistake.

Yeah, I know, it's hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Laker fan here. Just read the ENTIRE Simmons piece and up to now knew very little about the situation. Reminds me of when the Rams left town. That bitch Frotiere (may she rot in hell) crying like Tammy Faye at the LA press conference, then dancing a jig with the St Louis mayor hours later. Then barely acknowledging LA 4 years later with their first championship in tow. I love the idea of the empty arena, however wouldn't Clay just fill it with $20 lackeys in anticipation? The anger has to get national, it needs to lead on ESPN, Foxsports, et al. Seattle is a GREAT city, I am mad, people need to know and get mad, Stern needs know this is going to HURT. Because if it doesn't hurt, nothing will change.
-Ed in LA