Friday, February 8

Barack to rock the Key today

Barack Obama OWNS Sports Illustrated's S.L. Price.

Barack Obama will be holding a rally in Seattle today at 11AM. So why am I writing about this on a Seattle Supersonics blog? For one, it's at Key Arena (where he might, sadly, draw more people than our beloved Supes). And two, the man is a BALLER!

ABC News: When Obama Was 'Barry O'Bomber'

One Place Where Obama Goes Elbow to Elbow - New York Times - Photo Gallery - Barack Obama's Basketball Respite

VIDEO FOOTAGE of Barack playing hoops in High School

All I can say is McCain had better work on his game!


Anonymous said...

I'd pay $50 to see Clay strapped to a chair in his suite and forced to to watch Barack's event today. That might repay about 1/10th of the bitterness I feel towards Bennett these days.

Odds on Clay donating any money to the Obama fund this year?

Anonymous said...

Well, I’m voting for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) in the Washington Republican primary -- even though I absolutely detest some of his paleolibertarian stances (e.g., social conservatism & anti-immigration), since my ideological values are located somewhere in between anarcho-capitalism and minarchism on the political spectrum of libertarianism -- but that’s just me. Yet, with regards to all of the mainstream presidential candidates, U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) is the only one who I don't think would be an abject failure as our nation's leader; thus, I'm glad that he performed exceptionally well during the Washington Democratic caucuses.

Anonymous said...

In a 60 Minutes interview Obama admitted to a superstition of playing basketball before a primary.

Paul said...

I saw that! He said he didn't play before N.H. and lost, and now has to play before every primary. So far it's working!

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