Monday, February 25

Ford Center Making Alternative Plans

This is not much of a story, and too many will read too much into it, but it is, well, interesting.

As reported by the Daily Oklahoman, the Ford Center in Oklahoma City has gone ahead and started scheduling dates for the fall with the assumption that the Sonics will not be residing there.

Now, as the people who run the building are quick to point out, this is being done solely because the Center does not want to be left with nothing at their facility should the city of Seattle win its lawsuit against the team. However, this quote from the owner of the local hockey team was surprising for its candor:

"I don't know how the NBA process works,” said Brad Lund of Express Sports, which owns the Blazers, "but I was surprised that we weren't given two different sets of dates. I thought they'd at least hold some in case (the Sonics come).”

Again, it's very easy to read something into this, but the fact that the city to which Clay Bennett has pledged his heart and his team (ouch, that's hard to write) holds some doubt as to whether Clay & The Gang will be able to prevail in their soon-approaching court case is comforting, no doubt, to most Sonic fans.


Anonymous said...

Whether this is it, or the Sonics remain one or two more seasons, I take no comfort in knowing that nothing is being done to secure the team past 2010. This focus on the Key remodel/local ownership pipe dream is just killing me.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bennett's father in law is the owner of The Daily Oklahoman. They've been spinning this thing to death in order to make sure the gullible voters vote "yes" on the $125 million dollar give-a-way to these hoodlums.

We're going to beat this thing, and either well get the Sonics or the Hornets when their things ends.

-Steve Hunt

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