Friday, February 29

Sonics News

Forget trying to fight it, according to King County Executive Ron Sims, because the Sonics are already gone.

Sims appeared on 950 KJR-AM yesterday and stated he was completely convinved that the team would be leaving, regardless of the decision in the upcoming court case.

"Even if they have to keep them here two more years," Sims said, "I suspect Clay would hold on to that team and take then down to Oklahoma City when he has a chance."

Sims argues that even if the case is decided in the city's favor, and Bennett is forced to remain in Seattle until after the 2009-10 season, that such a decision will not automatically force the new ownership group to sell. In a sense, their deep pockets are apparently deep engough - Sims believes - to weather the two-year storm.

While I'm on the topic, please indulge me for skewering one of Sims' arguments, that, well, let me make his point:

"Do you think the NBA hasn't noticed the revenues coming to MLB from Mariners telecasts in Japan?" Sims said. "Safeco and Seattle are very attractive places for the telecasts. ... That's part of why Bennett wanted such an elaborate arena in Seattle."

Honestly, my eyes could not roll further back into their sockets. Really, Bennett wanted a great, big palace because of the Asian market? Hmm, what market was Orlando vying for when it approved its' palace, the Dominican Republic? Or perhaps Guyana? Please, Bennett wanted a palace because everyone else has one.

But back to the meat of the comments. Sims mentioned at the same time that two or three other local ownership groups are ready to go to purchase the team, but even those groups anticipate that they will not be buying the Sonics, but another team.

If Sims is correct - and that is a great, big IF - moving the Sonics to Oklahoma and allowing the city of Seattle to buy, say, the Hornets (no offense to New Orleans intended; believe me, we know what it's like to have other people speculate on your team's future), is sure idiocy, when the simplest solution would be to allow Bennett to take over the Hornets and force him to give the Sonics to the local owners.

But, then, the NBA is anything but idiocy-free, right?


Anonymous said...

Ron Sims shouldn't do radio interviews while drunk.

Eric Reynolds said...

We, on the other hand, should feel free to leave comments while so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sucks that the Sonics are leaving. But you know what? At least we aren't Oklahoma City. I'm sure a good number of Oklahomans feel like assholes for having to claim Bennett as their own.
All I hope for now is that if we lose the Sonics, we don't go after the Hornets. We CAN'T go after the Hornets. It'll negate everything (well, at least a lot of) what we've been saying. We may have no choice but to lose our team, but we don't have to lose our dignity.
Like our first grade teachers taught us, two wrongs don't make a right.

Anonymous said...

Its about time the sonics leave seattle and come to OKC!

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