Thursday, February 21

Not so fast, McGhee!

Maybe the Sonics aren't done dealing:
The Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls and Seattle SuperSonics worked a deal prior to Thursday's trade deadline that would send Ben Wallace to Cleveland and Larry Hughes to Chicago as the key pieces in a trade involving at least 10 players, according to multiple reports.

In addition to moving the eight-figure deals of Wallace and Hughes, Wally Szczerbiak would move from the Sonics to the Cavaliers. Cleveland would also add Joe Smith from the Bulls and Delonte West from the Sonics.

In return, the Bulls would receive Hughes along with forward Drew Gooden and Cedric Simmons. The Sonics would add Bulls guard Chris Duhon and forwards Ira Newble and Donyell Marshall from the Cavs.

from the Sporting News


Anonymous said...

Now you can see why I used that picutre for the story - if the Sonics don't make a trade, it looks like I'm making fun of the hype surrounding deadline day; if they don't make a trade, it looks like I'm making fun of myself.


Anonymous said...

So, the Sonics have traded, in essence,

Ray Allen
Glen Davis


Jeff Green
Donyell Marshall
Chris Duhon
Ira Newble
Shannon Brown/Adrian Griffin


Anonymous said...

On ESPN, Marc Stein says we're getting Adrian Griffin, not Chris Duhon.

Anonymous said...

Here's the contract status for the people involved:

1. Chris Duhon, $3.2 mil, expires at end of season
2. Adrian Griffin, $1.6 mil, expires at end of season
3. Donyell Marshall, $5.6 mil in '07/08, $5.9 in 08/09, expires
4. Ira Newble, $3.4 mil, expires at end of season
5. Shannon Brown, $1.0 mil, expires at end of season

So, the Sonics have a wack of guys with expiring contracts, and only Msrshall around next year. (Yes, I know we're not getting all 5 guys, but those are the people being talked about now).

Anonymous said...

As best I can tell, this is the Sonics' roster right now:

C Swift, Petro, Sene, Elson
PF Collison, Wilcox, Marshall
SF Green, Wilkins, Newble, Gelabale
SG Durant, Griffin, Barry
PG Watson, Ridnour

That's 16 people, if you cut Barry that makes 15, so someone is still awaiting the pink slip ...

Paul said...

Barry will be waived for sure. Also, we now have FOUR SEVEN FOOTERS. And they all suck! I'm hoping at some point, they will put them all in at the same time, the way I used to in NBA Live.

Çetin Cem said...

i'm not sure what we got after giving out szczerbiak and west.. well, newble? marshall? chris duhon is a fair addition i think, but not as worthy as west.

Anonymous said...

We got an extra $6 million in Clay Bennett's bank account because he's paying donyell Marshall instead of Wally World next year.

Just think of how many gay-marriage initiatives he can thwart with that kind of coin!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sad to announce that the trust some of us had remaining in Sam Presi died a quick death on February 21, 2008 around noon. After limping along since the Ray Allen trade... he went suddenly by trading Kurt Thomas for expiring contracts and bad 1st round pick and getting absolutely NOTHING for Delonte West and Wally.

Some suspect foul play; since there was one other person in his office at the time of his death. Many describe the man as tall, lock-jawed gent noting that he permeated a intense putrid scent of Arby's mixed with cattle manure, and the faint wiff of last night' "brother-on-cousin" action. They noting that there was a loud "yeeeehaaaa" followed by an extended rendering of the title theme to "Oklahoma" pulsating from the office after the two trades were completed and Presti succumbed to his conditions.

Coming in as a prodigal son of a well to do franchise… Presti at his tender age came to Seattle with high hopes. However soon, he fell into the wrong crowd… wearing ridiculous hats, belt-buckles, jeans, and oversize boots made from exotic endanger animals… enjoying the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”… slurring his “a” sounds and extending his “L” sounds… Presti was a shadow of himself. Since coming to Seattle little less than a year a go, he has gone from a spritely young gent to broken man crying himself to sleep in his hunting fatigues… hoping the pain would stop.

Rest in peace… our trust of Sam Presti… may you move on to greener pastures… or enjoy your new house in Oklahoma.


Anonymous said...

Oh Dan -- don't be so dumb.