Friday, February 8

Oklahoma just says no to Arena?

It sounds like Oklahoma taxpayers are starting to come around:
On March 4, 2008 Oklahoma City will decide if placing a Sales Tax on the entire population in order to fund arena upgrades for the benefit of the NBA is acceptable.

The upgrade Scope of Work calls for the arena to be remodeled to create more revenue streams so the team may increase profits.

The Sonics are owned by a group of local BILLIONAIRES who can easily afford their own upgrade without burdening the tax payers.

It's a bad deal for the hardworking people of OKC.
Read more about it here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, No voters!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is the lies that Seattle wants us to believe. I am voting YES to this. I will help get more things than just the NBA. It will bring Bigger names for concerts, maybe even one of the Grandest dog shows, or an NHL team. Wake up OKC. It is only replacing a tax and it is only for 18 months.


Anonymous said...

Damn, all these people questioning the motives of a handful of billionaires.

I guess it's true... it's hard out here for a pimp.

Anonymous said...

Linda=Clay in drag.

Eric Reynolds said...

That better be one bitchin' dog show.