Thursday, February 21

Trading Day Done?

Well, noon has come and gone, and the Sonics were apparently unable to find a husband for any of their prospective brides (a clumsy metaphor, yes, but I'm sticking with it).

What happens next? Barring any trades being revealed post-deadline, you'd expect to see Brent Barry given his walking papers soon, and then he'll either report to 1) the Suns or 2) the Spurs or 3) his continuing competition with Andrei Kirilenko for the Skinniest White Man in America. It's in his hands.

As for now, if you're feeling left out that the Sonics weren't able to make a huge, Gelabale-for-2nd-round-pick type move today, console yourself with the fact that the Sonics have traded:

Ray Allen
Kurt Thomas
Rashard Lewis
Glen Davis
Carl Landry

And received

Jeff Green
Brent Barry
Wally Szczerbiak
Delonte West
Francisco Elson
The draft rights to Olden Polynice (again!)
48 first round picks
327 second round picks
$13 million worth of trade exceptions
A $35 off coupon from Bekins on their next move, holidays and weekends not included

So you've got that going for you.

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