Thursday, February 7

Watson, Watson, Watson!

Who had Earl Watson with a triple-double in the pool?



Didn't think so. Mad props (do people still say that?) to Watson for a terrific night. (Double props to Gary Washburn for referencing Ice Cube in his opening sentence: "Earl Watson messed around and got a triple double."). The Sonics, thanks to Watson, picked up their first road win since December 14, pounding the Kings 105-92 in Sacto.

And, once again, the injury gods smiled upon Seattle. First, it was the Parker-free Spurs, then the LeBron-less Cavs, then the Non-Curry Knicks, and now the Miller-Lite (!) Kings. On the flip side of that coin, imagine if the Sonics had lost all four of those games. There, makes you feel better, right?

More good numbers:

-Sonics outrebounded Sacto 54-42
-Sonics outassisted Sacto 27-14
-Sonics outshot Sacto 53%-37%
-Weezy picked up a double-double
-Johan Petro picked up 9 points in only 13 minutes

That's four out of five, folks. How far back of the #8 seed are we now?


Anonymous said...

"How far back of the #8 seed are we now?"

Were 16 games out of the #8 seed.
We could do this...:lol:

Anonymous said...

Hey, we lost 14 in a row, why can't we win 14 in a row?

Oh, right, that whole 'talent' thing.

Juanejo said...

watson a triple doble? whats next, wilcox defending and blocking 10 shots?